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OneSite Platform

Autonomous endpoint management to rapidly remediate vulnerabilities and deliver content to any number of endpoints—no matter the location or network connection.


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Autonomously Manage Your Endpoints

OneSite reduces endpoint management complexity at speed and scale by continuously delivering software and patches to devices across the organization—wherever they are. Automate complex workflows, remediate vulnerabilities, and reduce risk without added infrastructure.

  • Save Time and Eliminate Manual ProcessesAutomate complex workflows that adapt to your business.
  • Eliminate the Need for Expensive HardwareSingle-server architecture turns your endpoints into your infrastructure.
  • Rapidly deploy massive amounts of data without impacting the network
    Secure peer-to-peer architecture takes advantage of surplus bandwidth and storage for continuous delivery of content regardless of network conditions.
  • Deliver content to remote devices regardless of connection type Author workflows to integrate with third-party systems and orchestrate tasks on both client and server.

Manage All Your Endpoints

OneSite Patch

The fastest way to patch your endpoints at scale. Rapidly remediate vulnerabilities with hands-free, fully automated patch management. IT pros set up their organizations specific patch management strategies and let Adaptiva’s trusted platform do the rest.

Accelerate Your Patching
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OneSite Anywhere

Instantly distribute software and content to all your endpoints no matter where they are. By employing an intelligent architecture, every endpoint—whether on-premises or remote—acts as both a client and a server ensuring faultless delivery across low-bandwidth connections without overloading the WAN or VPN.

Deploy Software Anywhere
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OneSite Health

Streamline IT operations with proactive, automated health checks and remediation. Instantly identify issues on endpoints no matter their location, without requiring direct control of user devices. Automated health checks, authoring of custom workflows, and instant remediation reduce IT support tickets, manual workloads, and disruptions.

Streamline Support
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What Makes OneSite Different?

Intelligent Peer-to-Peer

Achieve more resilient networking with only one server by turning your endpoints into your infrastructure eliminating costly distribution servers and maintenance. Secure P2P architecture takes advantage of the surplus capacity of devices already on your network – in the office or working remote to accelerate content distribution and reduce impact to end users.

Serverless Storage Content is stored locally without additional server infrastructure and zero impact to end users or operating systems by leveraging surplus hardware space. The caching file system leverages surplus hard drive space writing to unallocated clusters, so that users and OS are unaware.
Cloud Relay Architecture Deliver content to off-network devices wherever they are. Endpoints receive content from a geographically optimal source, leveraging peer delivery when possible, or requesting the content from the Adaptiva-hosted cloud relay servers which provide connectivity between on-network and off-network devices.
No Network Throttling Send content faster, at any time, without interfering with other business traffic. Software delivery is optimized by harvesting unused bandwidth by predicting future network conditions—in milliseconds.
Fault-tolerant Data Transfer : Transfer data without impact. Fault-tolerant P2P content delivery system ensures rapid and secure content distribution across an enterprise network. The memory pipeline architecture automatically reconfigures in real time—regardless of device status or connection—ensuring uninterrupted delivery.



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