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OneSite Wake

Continuously deliver software and patches to devices across your organization—wherever they are—without infrastructure.

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Every Windows Device, Anywhere

Turn on Windows devices from within your enterprise network at any time to successfully install critical software updates and patches.


Achieve After-Hours Content Delivery

Turn on devices anywhere, at any time, to enable successful content distribution without disrupting end-users.


Secure Every Endpoint at Any Time

Have complete confidence that every endpoint receives critical updates even if they are offline. Ensure the latest software updates and patches are installed on every device across your network.



Wake-On LAN Remotely power on endpoints or wake them up from sleep mode from within your enterprise network.
Wake-On Schedule Set a desired schedule to ensure the availability of certain endpoints or groups of endpoints.
Web Wake-Up Allow users to manually wake up devices via an online portal.
TNT Uses OneSite Health
TNT Express Uses OneSite Anywhere to Deploy ConfigMgr Globally

Overwhelmed by managing 42,000 endpoints, using 430 DPs to push content during limited windows of low business traffic, TNT Express choose OneSite to install ConfigMgr across their network.

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