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May 21, 20202 min read

Introducing OneSite Intune Edition

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Enterprises are increasingly moving to modern device management, and for many enterprises,  that move has been drastically accelerated in the COVID-19 world we now live in. Many of our customers that had “moving to the cloud” as a future “to do” now have it as a current initiative due to their workforce working from home. Delivering content across large, distribute organizations has always been a difficult hurdle, and that challenge persists through the move to modern management.

Adaptiva OneSite is a peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution engine that provides the fastest way to securely and reliably distribute software across an enterprise. OneSite Intune Edition is specifically designed to work with Microsoft Intune to distribute software from the cloud across an enterprise’s endpoints with unprecedented speed and scale, reducing infrastructure and ensuring content delivery without disrupting business traffic or requiring bandwidth throttling. Harnessing Adaptiva’s industry-leading peer-to-peer technology, this single-download solution dramatically reduces the network impact of software distribution across the enterprise and eliminates multiple costly downloads from the cloud.

With OneSite Intune Edition joining OneSite VMware Edition, Adaptiva is the only content delivery vendor that supports either VMware Workspace ONE or Microsoft Intune.

The Challenge

Delivering and updating win32 applications rapidly across the enterprise is crucial for productivity and security. However, it’s also critical not to disrupt business traffic by saturating the network.

The Solution

Introducing Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition, which works hand-in-hand with Intune to deliver content to endpoints, whether they are on the corporate network, on a VPN, or at their house or a coffee shop without a VPN. It is powered by the market-leading Adaptiva platform used by some of the largest enterprises to deliver software across the globe with unparalleled speed, automation, and network efficiency.

Adaptiva platform delivering software across the globe.

Key Customer Benefits of OneSite Intune Edition

  • Reduces multiple costly downloads from the cloud: OneSite Intune Edition downloads once from the cloud and then automatically distributes content throughout the environment using peer-to-peer technology
  • Eliminate additional infrastructure such as Distribution Points or Connected Cache servers when migrating from ConfigMgr
  • Guaranteed content delivery: OneSite adapts to network constraints and latency associated with content distribution to endpoints
  • Automate manual tasks: software distribution is dynamically managed by OneSite, eliminating manual operations

All the standard unique capabilities of OneSite are also in OneSite Intune Edition, including:

  • Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting – Distribute content at maximum speed without affecting business traffic or bandwidth throttling
  • Virtual SAN – Intelligently store content at scale without affecting endpoints or requiring storage servers
  • Memory Pipeline Architecture – Once content is on the LAN, distribute it quickly without affecting endpoint performance
  • Workflow Designer & Engine – Automate IT tasks without coding through a drag-and-drop interface

Learn More

Watch the On-Demand webinar Enhancing Microsoft Intune Application Delivery with Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition


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