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OneSite Anywhere

Instantly distribute software and content to all your endpoints no matter where they are.

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OneSite Anywhere is a single-server solution for distributing software and content

By employing a peer-to-peer architecture, OneSite Anywhere allows every endpoint—whether on-premises or remote—to act as both a client and a server ensuring faultless delivery across low-bandwidth connections without overloading the WAN or VPN. This solution supports Microsoft ConfigMgr, Intune, and VMware Workspace ONE and addresses the high costs, security risks, and inefficiencies associated with traditional content distribution infrastructures.


  • Deliver software to remote devices regardless of connection type.
    Innovative cloud-relay architecture enables reliable access for machines that are not on the network.
  • Manage software delivery and network traffic in real-time

    Admins can dynamically adjust content transfer priorities, maximizing bandwidth utilization for timely content distribution, respond immediately to security vulnerabilities and preserve network health by preventing congestion.

  • Protect your bandwidth when using cloud-based endpoint management solutions, without impacting the network. 
    Endpoints receive content without having to pull directly from the internet every time.
  • Reduce the volume of support tickets and improve the end-user experience
    Successful content delivery, at speed and scale, enables end users to access content where and when they need it.
Zero Throttling Harvests unused bandwidth by predicting future network conditions—in milliseconds—to optimize software delivery with no throttling. Send content faster, at anytime, without interfering with other business traffic.
Off Network Delivery With Cloud Relay Architecture, endpoints receive content from a geographically optimal source, leveraging peer delivery when possible, or requesting the content from the Adaptiva CDN.
LiveFlow Admins have visibility and total control over the transfer of content. They can pause or cancel content delivery and modify priorities on the fly.
Serverless Storage With a caching file system, content is stored locally without server infrastructure and zero impact to end users or operating systems by leveraging surplus hardware space.
Workflow Subsystem Save time by automating specific processes unique to your organization’s policies, technology catalog, and environment.
Policy Push Reduces the frequency of policy checks that consume resources on the MP, site database, and the WAN. The client receives applicable policy changes faster than waiting for the ConfigMgr Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle

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TNT Express Uses OneSite Anywhere to Deploy ConfigMgr Globally
TNT Express Uses OneSite Anywhere to Deploy ConfigMgr Globally

Overwhelmed by managing 42,000 endpoints, using 430 DPs to push content during limited windows of low business traffic, TNT Express choose OneSite to install ConfigMgr across their network.

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