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OneSite Health

Streamlining IT operations with proactive, automated health checks and remediation.

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OneSite Health instantly identifies issues on endpoints, no matter their location

 Automated health checks, authoring of custom workflows, and instant remediation reduce IT support tickets, manual workloads, and disruptions. Easily monitor and update configurations to comply with organizational requirements.


Reduce support tickets, save time, and enhance operational efficiency by proactively remediating issues

Execute automated health checks for individual endpoints or across the organization to quickly identify and fix issues before they reach the end users.


Resolve incidents faster

Deploy intelligent diagnostics in response to user requests, rapidly identifying and resolving issues remotely without needing direct control over user devices. Choose from 118+ pre-set health checks or create your own, then instantly deploy remediations to affected devices at scale.


Rapidly deploy large-scale interventions

Quickly create and implement comprehensive workflows for immediate configuration adjustments, ensuring prompt resolution of widespread issues without impacting the network.


Author and execute custom workflows for unique business requirements and internal applications

Ensure services are operational and software is correctly configured. Leverage a user-friendly drag-and-drop workflow designer, complemented by over 345 built-in, no-code activities, or create custom solutions tailored to your specific organizational requirements.



Drag-and-Drop Workflow Designer Design custom workflows using a visual coding interface, tailored to specific business needs and internal applications.
Workflow Activity Library Quickly execute workflows with 345 built-in, no-code activities for configuration and remediation.
Automated Health Checks Provides 118 pre-configured health checks for system performance, operating system components, security checks, and internal requirements to ensure optimal functioning of systems and applications.
Instant Remediation Rapidly detects and resolves issues remotely, ensuring minimal disruption to end users.
Real-Time Visibility and Dashboards Offers continuous monitoring and control over distributed content and system health with real-time data and dashboards.
Enterprise Scalability Capable of deploying solutions and checks across the entire organization efficiently without impacting the network.



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