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August 20, 20191 min read

Introducing OneSite VMware Edition for VMware Workspace ONE

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VMware Workspace ONE administrators have a new upgrade option. It’s now easier than ever to extend Workspace ONE’s application distribution speed, visibility, and network efficiency. Enterprises can purchase the new Adaptiva OneSite VMware Edition directly from Adaptiva.

The Challenge

Delivering and updating win32 applications rapidly across the enterprise is crucial for productivity and security. If you deliver too much software at once though, you’ll overload your network, slowing other business-critical traffic. Alternatively, if you slow down the software delivery, you may negatively impact end-user productivity and endpoint vulnerability management.

The Solution

Introducing OneSite VMware Edition, proven peer-to-peer technology that shrinks network traffic by orders of magnitude—and efficiently manages the rest. It is powered by the market-leading Adaptiva platform used by the Fortune 500 to deliver software across the globe with unparalleled speed, automation, and network efficiency.

Here’s an example of how OneSite VMware Edition can make a crucial difference for Workspace ONE enterprises by requiring just one download.


Using the default Workspace ONE setup, delivering an application to a 10,000 endpoint enterprise would require 10,000 downloads from the CDN. It works well, but can be a lot of downloading. For a 1.5 gigabyte application like Microsoft Office 365, that’s 15 terabytes.


Workspace ONE can be configured to use subnet-based Peer Distribution, a better solution. It leverages built-in Windows BranchCache technology which has been around since Windows Vista. Using Peer Distribution to distribute an application, an enterprise with 1,000 subnets would still require 1,000 downloads. That’s 1.5 terabytes worth of data in the case of Office 365.


With OneSite VMware Edition, you would only need one download from the CDN, no matter how many endpoints or subnets. Just 1.5 gigabytes for Office 365. Then, Adaptiva’s peer-to-peer platform speeds delivery to all offices and other facilities around the globe.

OneSite VMware

Adaptiva’s Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting technology makes sure WAN transfers never affect other traffic. It even delivers reliably and without negative impacts to remote locations over low-bandwidth, high-error-rate links.

In addition, OneSite VMware Edition provides live content distribution status and real-time control.

Its self-forming Virtual SAN is entirely self-managing and takes no disk space from end-users, making life easier for everybody.


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