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OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike

Automated Patching with CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence

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OneSite + CrowdStrike

With Adaptiva and CrowdStrike, you can stay ahead of cyberthreats and maximize productivity by automatically patching critical vulnerabilities and prioritizing the rest using real-time ExPRT data from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

Identify vulnerabilities and rapidly remediate them at scale.

OneSite Patch integrates with CrowdStrike Exposure Management to b
ridge the gap between security and IT by identifying vulnerabilities and rapidly remediating them at scale with fully automated patch management. IT administrators can precisely mirror their desired patching rules, including phased deployments, approvals, testing, and notifications — then OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike takes care of the rest every time a new patch is available with complete visibility for cybersecurity teams.

“Defenders should prioritize patching exposed products”

– CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report


  • Prioritize your most critical vulnerabilities and fix them fast.

    Vulnerabilities are identified by CrowdStrike Exposure Management and assessed with With the option to prioritize deployments based on specific patch attributes such as ExPRT rating, OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike can rapidly remediate vulnerabilities for Windows and more than 1,500 third-party applications as soon as a patch is available, reducing risk across the organization.

  • Reduce manual workloads with intelligent automation.

    IT and security teams can precisely mirror their desired patching strategies once, then automation takes care of the rest. When a new patch is released, it can be deployed without any intervention. Collaboration between IT and security is streamlined—no exporting of vulnerability reports or manual patching is required.

  • Maximize patching precision with advanced administrator control and custom settings.

    OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike adapts to any organization's specific patching processes to align with distinct IT and security requirements. Granular customization enables administrators to precisely manage automated patching by modeling their organization’s specific processes and policies for deployments, applications, devices, groups, locations, testing and approvals.

  • Improve risk assessment with complete patching visibility.

    Improve compliance, collaboration, and accountability across teams through real-time visibility and reporting. Intuitive dashboards offer real-time insight, custom notifications, and flexible control of patching processes, with specific permissions for key stakeholders.


Intelligent Automation Customized For Your Organization


  • Configure patching strategies once, then OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike takes care of the rest.

  • Hands-free deployment based on specific strategies and filters.

  • Patches for Windows OS, drivers, and 1,500+ third-party apps are automatically available when a new patch is added to the library.



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  • Custom settings and workflows adapt to any organization’s unique patching rules, use-cases, or size

  • Pause, cancel or rollback patches in real time

  • Prioritize and remediate your most critical vulnerabilities first with risk-based patching and unique patch exception handling.

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  • Patches are delivered fast— no matter the endpoint location or network connection—without impacting bandwidth.

  • Complete visibility of rollout processes and compliance status in real time.

  • No manual packaging: Adaptiva processes, tests and publishes all patches.

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How We're Different

Flex Control Panel Administrator controls can pause, cancel, rollback, or accelerate any deployment instantly. Intuitive controls give IT and security teams the ability to control automated processes in real-time to prevent extensive deployment of unstable patches or accelerate approval processes for urgent deployments.
AutoPatch Endpoints are patched automatically with precise deployment models that do not require manual intervention, ensuring consistent execution with each new patch. Customized patching strategies are configured once, then automation takes care of the rest—adapting to each organizations specific settings.
Patch Installation Customization Modify the behavior of individual patches without requiring in-depth knowledge of application intricacies and command-line nuances. Easy toggle and form-fill customizations enable admins to define installation settings or add tenant keys while preventing errors that typically arise from manual command-line entries.
Custom Approvals Define and edit specific approval settings, schedules, and notifications to mirror any organization’s policies. IT, security teams, and business unit owners can streamline processes, reduce disruptions, and accelerate patching with automated approval processes that improve collaboration.
Device Group Management Apply specific settings, maintenance windows, and rollout processes to groups of endpoints that share common attributes including business purpose, location, or set of end-users. Granular controls enable admins to segment devices by specific criteria so that they can precisely target patching at scale.



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