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OneSite for Healthcare

Global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies trust Adaptiva for endpoint management.

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OneSite for Healthcare

The OneSite platform enables fast and scalable endpoint management. With precise controls over patching, remediations and software deployments, healthcare organizations can safeguard sensitive patient data and critical systems against vulnerabilities, ensuring continuous operation without disrupting network bandwidth. From research labs to pharmacies, leading pharmaceutical and healthcare institutions trust Adaptiva to secure and streamline their digital infrastructure.

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  • Save Time and Eliminate Manual ProcessesAutomate complex workflows that adapt to any organization’s unique requirements, accelerating endpoint management with the ability to customize deployments that fit the needs of a 24/7/365 healthcare organization.
  • Eliminate the Need for Expensive HardwareUtilize a single-server architecture to turn your organization’s endpoints into a more efficient infrastructure, reducing overhead costs associated with traditional data center setups.
  • Rapidly deploy patches and software, without impacting network performanceSecure P2P architecture utilizes surplus bandwidth and storage, ensuring continuous and efficient delivery of content, critical for maintaining high availability and user satisfaction in essential health services.
  • Deploy patches and software updates to remote devices, regardless of their connection statusInnovative cloud-relay architecture ensures reliable access to devices outside the corporate network, such as mobile clinics. Automate patch management to rapidly address security vulnerabilities, allowing IT teams to set and forget their patching strategies, ensuring compliance and security across critical technology.

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