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Fast and secure endpoint management with Adaptiva P2P

Fast and Secure Endpoint Management with Adaptiva P2P

Speed and adaptability are the keys to securing today’s IT environment. IT teams need to be nimble to keep pace with changing business needs and escalating cyberthreats. At the same time, the exponential surge in endpoints challenges teams to deliver software, patches, and vulnerability remediations at unprecedented scale. 

Adaptiva has led the way with unique advances in peer-to-peer technology. Our proprietary architecture takes P2P to the next level, with innovations to improve the security, efficiency, and speed of content and patch delivery. How does peer-to-peer power endpoint management at speed and scale?

Download this eBook to learn: 

  • How Adaptiva’s Memory Pipeline Architecture accelerates content sharing 
  • What Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting can do to analyze network traffic and forecast available bandwidth 
  • Why Adaptiva’s P2P helps make software distribution possible even in remote, low-bandwidth locations
  • Advancements in P2P protocols that make it faster and more secure than ever