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TNT Express Uses OneSite Anywhere to Deploy ConfigMgr Globally

Overwhelmed by managing 42,000 endpoints, using 430 DPs to push content during limited windows of low business traffic, TNT Express choose OneSite to install ConfigMgr across their network.

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Founded in 1946, TNT is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies, operating road and air transportation networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, delivering over 2 million parcels and documents daily. TNT had over €15 billion in revenue in 2020.


Saved on infrastructure

costs and labor


Servers eliminated

The Impact

Saving about £1m in costs and eliminating extensive hours of the IT Team’s time maintaining the complex infrastructure, are just a few of the benefits for the TNT Express IT team

By leveraging OneSite to deploy ConfigMgr it took a fraction of the time had they tied to use traditional ConfigMgr. Now, with OneSite and ConfigMgr together, TNT Express created a unified endpoint management strategy designed to support future growth. In doing so, they were also able to eliminate 430 distribution servers worldwide, saving the costs associated with the servers and eliminating the administrative burden of maintaining them.

We selected OneSite for many reasons, but the most convincing one was how easy it was to install and run.

- John Creighton

The Challenge: Ineffective Content Delivery and Flawed Reporting

In 2013, TNT Express was running a non-Microsoft endpoint management solution that consisted of 430 distribution point servers for over 42,000 endpoints and growing, all to manage their Microsoft operating systems. The cost and time necessary to maintain this structure became consistently overwhelming.

  • They lacked a strategy or a tool to manage endpoints.
  • They couldn’t keep up with managing content deployment for 42,000 endpoints with 430 DPs.

In addition to the cost and time necessary to maintain these 430 distribution points, the WAN was constantly overloaded, and deployments had to be manually initiated after peak business hours. Once content was deployed, reporting would indicate success, when in fact, failures were detected through manual investigation making troubleshooting another tedious task.

  • Oversaturated the WAN with each deployment.
  • Slow or failed content delivery methods.
  • Unreliable reporting meant deployment failures often reported as successful.

All this led TNT to begin the search for an endpoint management platform that would give them a more efficient way to distribute patches, applications, and other content globally in a controlled manner.

Microsoft, HP and their technology partner suggested TNT use Adaptiva OneSite Anywhere to quickly deploy ConfigMgr 2012.

The Solution: OneSite + ConfigMgr for the Win

After choosing to install ConfigMgr 2012 across their network, they were encouraged by Microsoft, HP and their technology partner to use Adaptiva’s serverless peer-to-peer endpoint content distribution to quickly deploy ConfigMgr 2012 without adding more servers.

  • Microsoft, HP and technology partner suggested OneSite
  • Invested in OneSite to quickly deploy ConfigMgr 2012

TNT Express was impressed with how easy OneSite was to install and set up without custom training or professional services. Without adding more servers to accommodate the increased traffic over the WAN, application and patches are deployed during business hours without impacting critical business traffic. Reliable reporting accurately depicts failures or delays for precision troubleshooting, thus reducing the day-to-day burden of managing endpoints.

  • OneSite is easy to install without custom training.
  • Reliable reporting accurately depicts failures or delays .

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