Windows 10 Accelerator Program

Deploy Windows 10 Faster and Easier

Adaptiva’s Windows 10 Accelerator Program provides a stress-free, cost-effective way for enterprise IT professionals to plan, test, deploy and maintain Windows 10. The program delivers an end-to- end ecosystem of all the products, tools, and training you need to speed zero-touch Windows 10 deployments at scale.

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onesite   Adaptiva OneSite

Maximize delivery speed while protecting the network

client-health   Adaptiva Client Health for Windows 10

Gain real-time visibility and control over content

Windows 10 Community Tools   Windows 10 Community Tools

Leverage best-in-class tools for automated BIOS to UEFI conversion, application migration, software license management, and more.

microsoft-training   Microsoft MVP Training and Guides

Get your team deployment-ready with hours of video training and guides created by leading Windows 10 experts.


The Windows 10 Accelerator Program minimizes the need for investments in multiple third-party products and services to make deploying Windows 10 as cost effective as possible. It delivers complimentary training, tools, and products and leverages readily available Microsoft technologies to keep your costs low.

"Adaptiva enables us to accomplish our goals with a lean, agile IT team and reduces time consuming efforts across our enterprise."

Steve Capper, Global CTO, AECOM

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AECOM Global CTO Steve Capper discusses his team's success in software distribution with Adaptiva OneSite


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