Modern Device Management at Scale

Enterprises are increasingly moving to modern device management, especially in the COVID-19 world we now live in. VMware Workspace ONE is one of the leading platforms, but delivering content – patches, updates, etc. – across a globally distributed network without disrupting business processes remains difficult.

OneSite VMware Edition is the first and only third-party software delivery system integrated with VMware Workspace ONE, enabling Workspace ONE to scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints per enterprise. Enabling OneSite within Workspace ONE requires only three simple steps.

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Single Download from CDN to WAN

OneSite VMware Edition reduces multiple costly downloads from the cloud – content is downloaded once from the cloud and then automatically distributed content throughout the environment using peer-to-peer technology, dramatically reducing downloads across metered links.

Single Download from CDN to WAN

Guaranteed Content Delivery

OneSite VMware Edition utilizes various unique technologies to guarantee content delivery to endpoints, regardless of link quality. OneSite adapts to network constraints and latency and provides the Checkpoint Restart capability to automatically restart content delivery where it left off as machines enter and leave the network. OneSite’s Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting predicts when congestion is going to occur, and therefore is able to utilize 100% of available bandwidth without impacting business traffic.

Guaranteed Content Delivery

Seamless Migration to Workspace ONE

Many enterprises are migrating from SCCM to VMware Workspace ONE as part of their move to modern management strategy. Adaptiva OneSite VMware Edition is the only technology that can facilitate a single software distribution client to be used for both SCCM and Workspace ONE simultaneously. This has several benefits, including the elimination of multiple clients on the endpoints, only having to pay for a single client for each endpoint, and the ability of the customer to migrate at their own speed while supporting SCCM and Workspace ONE concurrently.

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