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Today’s IT teams face increasing workloads and new security threats every day. Adaptiva products make the job of IT professionals easier by eliminating the need for a vast IT infrastructure and automating countless endpoint management and security tasks.

Whether you’re distributing software, deploying the Windows 10 operating system, or protecting against security vulnerabilities across your enterprise, our peer-to-peer platform and products will help you scale intelligently every step of the way.

Our Solutions

Content Delivery Anywhere

Adaptiva’s OneSite Cloud seamlessly extends the boundaries of the enterprise network to cover the entire internet so you can securely exert total visibility and control over all endpoints, regardless of where they are – in the office, at home, or at a coffee shop. OneSite Cloud delivers content from ConfigMgr, Microsoft Intune, and VMware Workspace ONE at unprecedented speed and scale. OneSite Cloud includes OneSite Intune Edition and OneSite VMware Edition.

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Identify and Resolve Any Endpoint Issue

Adaptiva Endpoint Health instantly finds, fixes, and secures problems across hundreds of thousands of endpoints without impacting the network or business traffic. Endpoint Health gives you the visibility and control to maximize the health, security, compliance, and the digital experience of all your users, no matter where they are, at unmatched speed and scale.

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Automate Vulnerability Management

Today’s security and IT operations professionals have too many endpoints to manage and too little time to secure them. As a result, security vulnerabilities can often go days, weeks, and even months before they are repaired. Evolve VM introduces a new, rapid approach to endpoint compliance and vulnerability management that automatically detects and resolves issues at the moment it discovers them. It uses peer-to-peer technology to proactively speed time to resolution of endpoint compliance and vulnerability issues faster than any other product on the market today.

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Wake Endpoints Remotely for Anytime-access

Adaptiva Green Planet is an endpoint wake-up product that safeguards the enterprise by remotely turning on devices which need software updates and patches. Green Planet empowers enterprise IT teams to enforce their security policies by ensuring that computers are powered on and ready to install critical software deliveries, OS updates, patches, and more.

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AECOM Global CTO Steve Capper discusses his team's success in software distribution with Adaptiva OneSite

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