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Watch How OneSite Patch Will Forever Change The Way You Patch Third-Party Applications

Are you constantly struggling to keep all your applications up to date and secure? Do you stress over the risks of cyberattacks and the damage they can cause to your organization? Staying on top of an endless stream of patches has been an insurmountable undertaking, which is why we’re excited to show off our game-changing OneSite Patch solution. It will forever change your approach patch management.

Our recent State of Patch Management in the Digital Workplace report provides insight into the imperative for automated patching. On average, only 31% of respondents know how many applications are running in their network and 60% of tracked applications are not on approved versions, while 69% of IT teams believe that 100% third-party application patching is impossible.

Watch to see what is possible with OneSite Patch.

In this webinar, you will learn how OneSite Patch can help you with:

  • Real-time visibility: The moment you install OneSite Patch you get a full inventory of every application and version running on every one of your endpoints.
  • Patch automation through patch strategies: With a simple no-code drag and drop designer you can easily set your preferred patching strategy once, sit back, and watch it execute over and over again.
  • Limitless Patch Distribution: OneSite Patch easily distributes patches to your endpoints around the world without ever impacting your network or your end user.

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