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The Window of Opportunity: Narrowing the Time Hackers Have to Exploit Unpatched Vulnerabilities

In IT Security, the “Window of Opportunity” for hackers is the time between a researcher’s identification of a vulnerability in a piece of software to the moment a patch is deployed to fix it. If hackers can gain access to a network before a patch can seal the opening, they can inflict as much damage as they want. By then, there is little an organization can do to stop them.

In this webinar, they explored how hackers have changed tactics, why there seem to be more bad actors than ever, and what lessons we can learn from hackers’ successes and failures.

Watch as Adaptiva’s head of Information Security, Vern LeBlanc, discusses the relationship between researchers and those responsible for application patches, what happens when less-than-reputable sources identify a vulnerability, and what organizations should do to protect themselves and others who use their software.

You will learn about:

  • The typical patching cycle and why critical zero-day patches need to be deployed immediately.
  • Why so many companies struggle to close known vulnerability gaps, like Log4J, even as long as a year or more after they are discovered.
  • How can security and operations better protect themselves and not just be sitting ducks for the next hacker?