Five Star Quality Care Case Study

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Headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, Five Star Quality Care, Inc. (“Five Star”) is a senior living and healthcare services company. Five Star operates over 250 senior living communities throughout the United States. These communities include independent living, assisted living, continuing care and skilled nursing.


Five Star has roughly 4500 endpoints spread across over 250 operating locations, mostly connected via MPLS/T1. The organization had been managing updates and patches with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012. They had 50 SCCM distribution point (DP) servers at strategic locations. This solution was working well, with one exception: to avoid disrupting critical business WAN traffic, they had to throttle systems traffic down to 32K during business hours, slowing delivery of applications, updates, and patches.

The catalyst for change was Windows XP migration. Five Star needed to upgrade all systems across the organization to Windows 7. The architecture of 50 DPs left 210 sites without servers, making operating system deployment (OSD) extremely difficult. Putting servers at every site-an additional 210 DPs-would be expensive and require extreme management overhead. Five Star also felt that with so many servers, some were bound to have problems, so dependability was a concern.

The narrow WAN links to so many sites further complicated OSD because OS images and related files can easily grow to 20GB or more. Even with an extra 210 DPs, Five Star would not be able to deliver OS images and updates across the WAN.

"Must have" requirements included:

  • Migrate systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 at all 260 operating locations
  • Require no new servers
  • Eliminate existing servers where possible
  • Deliver massive OSD content over the WAN to all 260 locations without impacting other traffic
  • Distribute applications and updates during business hours without interruption of WAN traffic
  • No purchase of additional bandwidth between locations


Senior Living / Healthcare


Newton, Massachusetts

OneSite allowed us to avoid the cost of over 200 servers, along with their deployment and maintenance, and has dramatically improved software distribution times and network impacts using its adaptive protocols.

-Chris Whitesell
Manager of Endpoint Technology Five Star Senior Living


Five Star partnered with iCorps Technologies to find a solution. After evaluating several options, they chose to enhance SCCM with a content distribution engine. Early in the process of evaluating vendors, Five Star saw how easy OneSite was to install and use without customization. This allowed them to get up and running much faster than if they went with a competing technology.

The new architecture consists of SCCM, SQL, OneSite, and two DPs running in the data center with no servers at remote operating locations. Instead, OneSite's enterprise peer-to-peer technology handles remote storage and service needs. This includes PXE servers, virtual state migration points, and a virtual SAN aggregating free disk space at each location-all with no impact to end users.


Five Star's OneSite deployment delivered dramatic hard dollar savings through cost-avoidance of another 210 servers with corresponding deployment effort and annual maintenance costs. The company was also able to repurpose the 50 remote SCCM servers in the field. Additional IT cost savings were realized in terms of reduced administrative time, accelerated business processes, and fewer failures.

The most important outcome for Five Star was the ability to migrate systems from Windows XP using SCCM, instead of shipping machines to a central location for manual re-imaging. OneSite's predictive bandwidth harvesting (PBH) technology allows Five Star to move huge OS images over the WAN without impacting other traffic.

Adaptiva's Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting made distribution of applications, updates, and patches a breeze because OneSite can deliver content any time of the day over narrow connections with no throttling, no scheduling, and no network congestion. All updates are now done with SCCM instead of WSUS. Both staff and users were amazed to see how quickly application installs happened. Previously, when somebody clicked on an application in the Software Center catalog, they would have to wait a day or more due to throttling. OneSite made true self service a viable option. Five Star is now moving calls away from the help desk by sending them to the Software Center.

The end result with OneSite was much lower costs, new capabilities (OSD, self-service, etc.), and higher success rates.


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servers eliminated


remote servers repurposed


administrative time and effort

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