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Financial Services Institution Depends on OneSite Health to Achieve Compliance Goals

One of Canada’s largest banks relies on Adaptiva’s OneSite Health checks to maintain compliance requirements of 97%.

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One of the largest Canadian banks conducted an internal compliance audit on 100,000+ endpoints. It revealed failures of over 2,800 previously unknown issues with their endpoint management and SCCM.

The Impact

OneSite Health’s ability to remediate issues allows this financial services company to have a proactive approach to security compliance and save money.

By proactively securing the entire network as it grows, the team has seen a reduction in support tickets, quicker times to resolve any issues not automatically remediated, and a better end user experience. Ninety-seven percent of compliance goals are continually met due to the 36 custom health checks remediating issues and saves millions of dollars every year by reducing ServiceNow tickets.


Saved by reducing ServiceNow tickets

97% Compliance goals met

The Challenge

An internal audit revealed thousands of compliance issues

The bank added over 100,000 endpoints in just 5 years. This growth made its required 100% visibility compliance incredibly difficult. As a precaution, they decided to conduct an internal audit to fully understand their network health. The results were shocking.

  • Managing a network of 100,000 endpoints and growing
  • Lacking visibility into endpoint health

The audit revealed many endpoints were not patched, but the data did not distill down which endpoints needed patches. It also showed that 1,800 endpoints were running without endpoint management of any kind and another 1,000 without SCCM.

  • After the audit, still unclear what endpoints needed patches
  • 2,800 endpoints without any endpoint management or SCCM
  • Failed security compliance

We partner with Adaptiva because they have the best platform for patches, upgrades, and automatically fixing compliance issues across our global network. They will do anything to help us be successful.

- Sr. Systems Management Planner

The Solution

OneSite Health allows this financial institution to automatically run critical health checks based on pre-determined groupings and times for optimum compliance with minimal to no impact.

From over 100 out-of-the-box health checks to choose from, this bank chose 30 critical to their business and implemented them immediately. With assistance from the Adaptiva Support Team, another 6 custom health checks were created based on their specific needs.

  • 30 out of the box health checks critical for their network.
  • Additional 6 custom health checks to fit specific needs.

Health checks were set up in two 3-tiered sets and automated based on criticality. In each 3-tiered set, if the first tier did not automatically resolve the issues, the second tier of health checks would automatically run to attempt to fix the configuration issue, then the third. If the second and third tiers both failed, a support ticket was then created automatically with ServiceNow. In most cases, the 3-tier set up resolved the issues, thus saving costs associated with resolutions from partner services.

  • OneSite Health runs health checks on over 100,000 endpoints.
  • Custom 3-tiered health check workflow based on criticality.

With OneSite Health running on the entire network, this financial organization has visibility into the health of their entire network from one centralized endpoint management system. Due to this infrastructure set up, they can see growth in their network automatically and are able to account for these new devices without minimal manual effort.

  • One central endpoint management system.
  • Visibility into health of the entire network.
  • Automatically notify team of new machines and their endpoint management.

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