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Case Studies

AECOM: Global Infrastructure Consulting Firm

AECOM is a premier, fully integrated global infrastructure firm based in Los Angeles. A Fortune 500 company, AECOM has 100,000 employees and reported revenue of approximately $18 billion in 2015. AECOM has been named one of Fortune magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” two consecutive years.


The Challenge

Costly server infrastructure after massive acquisition

AECOM is Using Adaptiva OneSite software distribution engine and SCCM to manage 85,000 globally distributed endpointsAECOM roughly doubled in size following acquisition of 55,000 employee URS, a former rival. At the time, they were running five different software deployment solutions across the combined enterprise. With that configuration, delivering software and patches was slow and required a vast amount of IT staff time. Also, the WAN impact was difficult to manage, or minimize. They needed to consolidate around a single solution.
AECOM liked Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which was already in use at many sites, but they were challenged by the prospect of the global server infrastructure it can require. They were looking at deploying one SCCM distribution point (DP) server at each operating location, no small feat in a company with over 1,500 offices in 150 countries. To make that happen, the company would need to add at least 1,200 DP servers to the 300 they already had.
Windows 10 Operating System Deployment (OSD) was difficult. AECOM CTO Steve Capper anticipated imaging about 20,000 to 30,000 systems per year, but under the present solution re-imaging just one machine took about four person-hours. The company was aggressively looking for ways to automate Windows 10 deployment.
The Adaptiva OneSite product is integral to speeding software migrations and deployments across our growing enterprise. OneSite is a clear choice for any IT organization that wants to reduce the total cost of ownership for Configuration Manager.
- Steve Capper, Global CTO, AECOM
"We can add new systems and global locations easily to our endpoint management solution without infrastructure costs, delays, or impacts."
- IT Architect, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company
Adaptiva eliminates the need for adding over 1,000 servers in our infrastructure footprint as we accelerate our move from Altiris to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. It enables us to accomplish our software distribution goals with a lean, agile IT team and reduces time consuming system administration efforts across our enterprise.
- Steve Capper, Global CTO, AECOM

The Solution

Using Adaptiva OneSite software distribution engine and SCCM to manage 85,000 globally distributed endpoints

After thorough testing, AECOM selected SCCM and the Adaptiva OneSite™ software distribution engine. AECOM is using OneSite to initially manage over 85,000 globally distributed endpoints using centralized administration and four primary SCCM site servers.

OneSite stood out from the competition for its ability to:

  • Eliminate over 1,200 distribution point (DP) servers
  • Automate and accelerate large-scale Windows 10 deployments
  • Distribute content worry-free on the global
  • Deliver software applications and updates to end-users much faster

OneSite provides a unified platform for all the different systems AECOM was previously running. Because the software is so easy and fast to deploy, AECOM predicted rollout to all 1,500 offices within 6 months. However, they began to realize the benefits of OneSite long before it was implemented across the entire enterprise.


Eliminated 1,500 servers worldwide

  • Eliminated need for over 1,500 servers
  • Increased speed and automation of Windows 10 OSD
  • Avoided all WAN impacts while speeding delivery
  • Better servicing of business users through faster delivery

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