Peer-to- peer software distribution is quickly becoming the industry standard for delivering content on scale and without the large infrastructure investments traditionally required for systems management.

While it may seem simple, a critical component to ensuring software deployment success is making sure that computers are turned on when needed, available and ready to send or receive content.

For enterprises that want to maximize the speed and success rates associated with software deployment, Adaptiva offers Green Planet. Green Planet is an endpoint wake-up product that safeguards the enterprise by remotely turning on devices which need software updates and patches.

Green Planet empowers enterprise IT teams to enforce their security policies by ensuring that computers are powered on and ready to install critical software deliveries, OS updates, patches, and more.



Endpoint boot up capabilities


Built-in scheduling capabilities to specify the timing of endpoint wake-ups

OneSite Integration

Integration with the Adaptiva OneSite software distribution product for advanced reporting and customization capabilities


Automatic handling of WoL magic packets with no configurations to the routed environment

Are you ready to speed peer-to- peer software distribution through Wake-on- LAN?

When used with Adaptiva OneSite™, Green Planet delivers the benefits enterprises need to maximize the speed and efficiency of their peer-to-peer software distribution process including:

Wake endpoints that store content locally

Green Planet can ensure that any endpoint that is storing content locally can be powered on to share that content with its peers. This reduces WAN downloads by keeping local content highly available.

Wake endpoints that need to receive software deployments

Green Planet can ensure that any endpoint that needs to receive content can be powered on automatically and remotely.

Ensure security compliance and patching success

Green Planet can ensure that patches and software can be deployed at anytime from anywhere to protect the enterprise and drive compliance.

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