Automate Endpoint Health

For most large enterprises, the majority of help desk tickets are created due to a handful of issues related to endpoint configurations – missing patches, misconfigured group policy, insufficient disk space, etc. Many of these issues have required IT staff to physically visit the endpoint to diagnose and remediate the issue – until now.

Adaptiva Endpoint Health automatically checks the configuration of endpoints, diagnoses any problems, and remediates any issues. And it does this at massive scale – hundreds of thousands of endpoints – without bandwidth throttling or disrupting business processes. Endpoint Health is the fastest, most scalable solution to manage endpoint health at scale.


Smart-scaling P2P Technology

Drive continuous endpoint compliance and configuration management at scale

Adaptiva Smart Scaling Peer-to-peer Technology

Visual Reporting Engine

Gain instant insights on endpoint health and security success.

Client Health Visual Reporting Engine Screenshot

Workflow Designer & Engine

Create your own custom health checks without coding

Adaptiva Smart Scaling Peer-to-peer Technology

Pre-packaged Health Checks


Adaptiva Endpoint Health comes with over 100 prepackaged health checks

Download Health Check List

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