The fastest, most scalable solution for endpoint compliance, security, and performance

The growth of remote workers, multiplying threats, and complexity of IT systems exponentially exposes your organization to catastrophic risk and lost productivity.

Adaptiva Endpoint Health instantly finds, fixes, and secures any configuration issue or vulnerability across hundreds of thousands of Windows endpoints without impacting the network or business traffic. Endpoint Health gives you the visibility and control needed to maximize compliance, security, and the digital experience of all your users, even internet-based, at unmatched speed, scale and reach.

Realize Immediate Value


Gain visibility into the true state of every endpoint and share that insight with dynamic, up-to-the-minute reporting.


Achieve and validate compliance requirements for corporate standards and audits.

Risk Mitigation / Security

Ensure business continuity by closing vulnerabilities for heightened security.


Keep endpoints healthy for an improved digital experience and user productivity.

Cost Savings

Reduce IT labor costs and boost the bottom line.

Automatically fix any configuration error or vulnerability

Proactively check and resolve the most common issues, such as endpoint configurations, missing patches, application settings, and misconfigured group policies, with over 100 prepacked, customer-driven workflows.

Endpoint Health also empowers you to build and customize proprietary workflows without writing a single line of code. Using a visual, drag-and-drop authoring system, simply select from over 200 predefined activities and drag them into a logical flow that can be executed manual, scheduled or automatic modes.

Adaptiva Smart Scaling Peer-to-peer Technology

Understand the true state of all Windows endpoints

Get actionable visibility into the status of every check, remediation, and endpoint.

  • Share dynamic up-to-the-minute reporting with senior stakeholders, compliance or security teams and executives.
  • Embedded reports and dashboards illuminate the real-time state, history and trends of an individual machine or of groups.
  • Using finger-tip controls easily drill down for detailed information. Search and filter any device or any reported data to accurately pinpoint and address issues.
Client Health Visual Reporting Engine Screenshot

Expand control to encompass all of your users

Endpoint Health seamlessly extends the boundaries of your network to include even remote internet-based endpoints and executes remediations instantly across hundreds of thousands of users without impacting the network or user performance. In addition, Adaptiva’s world-class, P2P architecture provides quick, fault-tolerant, and reliable delivery of remediations to maximize reach to off-line endpoints.

Whether on premises, connected via VPN or internet-based, health checks and remediations know no limits. Your regulatory audits and security protocols offer no exception for remote endpoints and neither should you.

Don’t wait any longer for superior compliance, security and performance. Start today and request a demo.

Pre-packaged Health Checks


Adaptiva Endpoint Health comes with over 100 prepackaged health checks

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