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March 4, 20241 min read

Rev Up Your Endpoint Security with Adaptiva at These Upcoming Events

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This spring, prepare to shift your IT security and efficiency into high gear with Adaptiva at several exciting industry events. We are inviting you to take a pit stop at our booths to discover the capabilities of OneSite Patch—the fastest way to patch your endpoints at scale.

We will be at the following events and hope to you see you there as well: 

Why make a pit stop at our booths? 

  • A Fast Track to Better Security: See how you can accelerate your patching velocity with OneSite Patch and learn more about risk-based prioritization. 
  • Customize Your Patching Strategy: Ensure your team can navigate the fast-paced world of enterprise security and learn how to automate every step of your patching strategy to eliminate manual workflows. 
  • Throw it Into Reverse: Learn firsthand how easy it is to pause, cancel, or rollback patch deployments easily with OneSite Patch. 
  • Win a Luxury Racing Experience: Take a demo and you’ll be entered for a chance to attend a top-tier racing event—get the exclusive details at any of our booths. 

We love the opportunity to meet the community and our customers on the road. Whether you are looking to reduce vulnerabilities, streamline patch management processes, or simply see what is new in the world of Autonomous Endpoint Management, we would love to connect with you! If you’d like to book time with our team, reach out to us here.


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