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February 24, 20214 min read

Mythbusting: Is Reliable Content Delivery at Enterprise Scale Too Good to Be True?

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When it comes to endpoint management and content delivery in today’s world, many IT directors and administrators have simply gotten used to the status quo. Because things are the way they’ve always been, it’s hard to imagine that they could instead be very different. That’s why so many of our customers have the same initial response when they first learn about the capabilities of our product: skepticism.

“At first I thought it was too good to be true,” says Jenu Jose, a senior lead consultant at Catapult Systems, a Texas-based digital solutions and services firm. “Especially given the functionality that it offers for its price point.”

In today’s sprawling software and technology solutions marketplace, it’s not uncommon for competing vendors to make overblown claims — ones that aren’t backed up with robust product performance or measurable return on investment (ROI) within a reasonable time frame. This makes it easy to believe that endpoint management and content delivery issues cannot be resolved without major investments of time, money and effort.

What makes Adaptiva’s suite of peer-to-peer content delivery, endpoint health management and vulnerability management products different?

In a word, they work.

That’s what’s enabled us to achieve our exceptional 100% customer rating, and why all of our Fortune 500 and Global 500 customers surveyed said they would recommend our products unconditionally.

If you’ve never heard a member of the desktop/endpoint management and support team at your company make any of the following statements, you’re in the minority. But, if you have heard these claims – or similar ones – read on to learn what our customers are saying now.

They’ll tell you how our solutions are changing the game in the real world, making it faster and easier than ever before to roll out software updates while maintaining security and peak productivity across the entire organization—all while cutting costs.

1. By nature, content delivery is a slow process that consumes resources and bandwidth.

Prior to deploying the OneSite Anywhere content distribution engine, the vast majority of our customers struggled to roll out and configure new content packages without impacting critical business traffic or interfering with end user productivity.

According to a survey we conducted prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis (which has since exacerbated the situation) 81% reported that content delivery was having a negative impact on wide area network (WAN) performance. For many of our customers, particularly in always-on industries like financial services and retail, it’s absolutely essential that this type of interference with existing network traffic not take place.;

After implementation, 95% say they’d entirely eliminated worries about WAN congestion.

“Once we had deployed OneSite Anywhere, there were no more issues with traffic or content distribution,” explains Jay Parekh, a partner and practice lead at Chicago-based IT consultancy Netrix.

2. An extensive server infrastructure is needed for content delivery, and there’s no way around these costs.

Roughly 65% of customers responding to our survey listed server and IT infrastructure costs among the biggest challenges their company faced in managing software distribution before adopting Adaptiva solutions. Afterwards, 77% found their organization had experienced cost savings of $100,000 or more. Not only can multiple servers be eliminated at each core location, but this reduction in complexity will also lower maintenance and administrative spending.

“Without OneSite Anywhere, we’d need an additional 2,400 PXE service points for just one of our customers,” says Jason Snook, senior product manager at Flexera Software. “Having OneSite Anywhere and peer-to-peer PXE enables us to instantly have PXE services across the environment with nothing more than the deployment of the Adaptiva client.”

3. Admins will spend a great deal of time and energy managing content distribution: that’s just part of the job.

It’s true that IT administrators responsible for endpoint management generally have their hands full. According to our survey, a full 50% of enterprises don’t have enough IT staff to complete all routine operational tasks consistently. This leaves the organization shorthanded where it matters most: IT teams lack time for big-picture company initiatives like digital transformation that can dramatically increase efficiency and productivity while lowering costs.

Once OneSite Anywhere is deployed, customers start seeing the benefits immediately.

“We were able to eliminate some 770 servers,” says a Microsoft Technical Solutions executive working for an enterprise technology provider of global scale. “But with that, we also no longer had to worry about content getting down to different sites efficiently. It just happened automatically. There was nothing we needed to do.”

4. Where connectivity is poor or bandwidth is at a premium, software delivery cannot be reliable.

More than one-third of our customers were plagued by high content delivery failure rates prior to turning to Adaptiva. Across the board, even those who didn’t view software delivery failure as a major issue saw marked improvements. On average, software delivery success rates increase by 20% post-deployment.

Adaptiva’s solutions guarantee content delivery through situational awareness algorithms that enable endpoints to select the best possible peer-to-peer content source at any given time, as well as predictive bandwidth harvesting to eliminate network congestion.

“We now have confidence that we’ll be able to push content to Alaska or some other remote site that has very poor connectivity without breaking the network,” says Jose.

As Matt Tinney, the CEO of Windows Management Experts, attests, the results of this confidence are greater overall satisfaction. “Working with Adaptiva is awesome,” he says. “It’s a great experience.”


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