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May 15, 20246 min read

Leveraging Risk-Based Prioritization in Vulnerability Management


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Organizations are facing an overwhelming challenge: a never-ending cycle of applications, exploits, and vulnerabilities, each demanding attention and remediation. The key question becomes, how to prioritize which vulnerabilities to address first? With limited time, resources, and personnel, it's a daunting task to identify, prioritize, test, and remediate these vulnerabilities effectively. 

The challenge often lies in having to decide between targeting critical and high severity vulnerabilities because of limited resources, or addressing less severe vulnerabilities that, while seemingly less dangerous, are often exploited by attackers. 

This balancing act highlights the need for a more strategic approach to vulnerability management, one that allows for the remediation of vulnerabilities across the range of criticalities without overwhelming existing resources. 


Connecting Vulnerability Management with Patching 

OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike aims to address this complex scenario. Through a strategic partnership with CrowdStrike, Adaptiva offers an automated remediation capability that integrates seamlessly with CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight, a leading vulnerability management tool known for its real-time insights and extensive threat intelligence. This integration marks a significant step forward, enabling organizations to streamline their vulnerability management processes. 

The CrowdStrike ExPRT Rating System 

At the heart of this integration lies the CrowdStrike ExPRT rating system, a sophisticated framework designed to categorize vulnerabilities into four severity levels. This system is not just about identifying vulnerabilities; it's about understanding their real-world implications, leveraging CrowdStrike's extensive threat intelligence to prioritize remediation efforts effectively. 

The ExPRT system benefits organizations by: 

  • Providing Clarity: It cuts through the noise, enabling teams to focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the most significant risk. 
  • Enabling Efficiency: By prioritizing vulnerabilities based on real-world threat intelligence, it ensures that resources are allocated to address the most critical issues first. 
  • Facilitating Proactive Defense: Understanding the severity and exploitability of vulnerabilities allows organizations to preempt potential breaches. 
Autonomous Remediation 

OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike automates the vulnerability remediation process, taking the guesswork out of prioritization. Administrators can configure the system once for each of the ExPRT rating severities, including settings for notifications, approvals, test deployments, and more. This setup ensures that as soon as a new vulnerability is detected, OneSite Patch initiates the appropriate remediation actions autonomously. 

This automation extends to all areas of the remediation process:

  • Notifications and Approvals - Configurable alerts and approval workflows ensure that the right stakeholders are informed and involved at the right time. 
  • Scheduling and Deployment - Remediations are deployed according to predefined schedules, honoring load balancing settings and minimizing operational disruptions. 
  • Testing and Validation - Administrators can specify test groups for initial deployment, adding an extra layer of verification before broader production rollouts. 
  • User Interaction and Maintenance Windows - The system allows for tailored end-user interactions and maintenance windows, ensuring patches are installed at the most opportune times without hindering productivity. 

The integration between OneSite Patch and CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight represents a pivotal advancement in cybersecurity management. By leveraging risk-based prioritization through the ExPRT rating system, organizations can now tackle the full spectrum of vulnerabilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. This strategic approach not only streamlines the remediation process but also enhances the overall security posture, ensuring that both critical and lower-severity vulnerabilities receive the attention they deserve. In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, such a comprehensive and automated approach is indispensable for staying one step ahead of potential attackers.


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