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May 9, 20223 min read

Identifying Critical Tools in the Fight Against Cyberattacks

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When it comes to endpoint security, it's all about monitoring and remediation.

Cybersecurity concerns are at an all-time high, and threats are only anticipated to rise. Many enterprise organizations are doing what they can to stay on top of the risks, but IT departments face many challenges.

In many enterprise organizations, IT is overloaded. They are tasked with everything from day-to-day operations like providing technical support to getting new employees set up. With so much on their plates, the more significant initiatives like monitoring endpoints for threats and data breaches or ensuring that networks function at optimal levels can fall by the wayside.

Key article takeaways:

  • The Cybersecurity Insiders 2022 Endpoint Security Report reports IT skills shortage and lack of round-the-clock security coverage
  • End-user and IT productivity is declining as cyberattacks rise, wasting time and money for many organizations
  • Automation in endpoint management tools will help IT monitor, patch, and remediate vulnerabilities more efficiently

IT needs support with patching, endpoint monitoring, and end-user productivity

The cards are stacked against IT teams that experience resourcing shortages while dealing with antiquated servers and limitations of their endpoint management tools. Even while understaffed, IT still spends an average of 36 hours every month on endpoint monitoring alone. According to Cybersecurity Insiders 2022 Endpoint Security Report:

  • 66% of organizations have experienced increased threats to endpoints in the last year
  • 44% face a cybersecurity skills shortage
  • 38% lack round-the-clock security coverage

To manage endpoint security, IT needs to focus on maintaining compliance and removing vulnerabilities. Rolling out patches is one of the best ways to keep organizations safe, but research revealed that 79% of critical patches continue to take more than a day to roll out, while one-third take longer than a week. Additionally, organizations reported that:

  • 29% find the biggest challenge is zero visibility into overall security postures
  • 37% feel incident response times are insufficient
  • 28% lack detection and response capabilities all-together

While data leaks and breaches are a considerable endpoint security concerns, another potentially costly factor is loss of end-user productivity:

  • 47% of organizations reported end-user productivity loss as the most significant impact of endpoint attacks
  • 35% of organizations saw reduced employee productivity in the last year due to security incidents
  • 32% had a disruption in business activity

Endpoint Security Report Title Page"85% of organizations expect a compromising security attack within the next 12 months."

- Cybersecurity Insiders 2022 Endpoint Security Report

More automation will help IT defend against cyberattacks

To successfully defend against cyberattacks, IT teams need an endpoint management solution that can leverage automation to augment their workloads, especially when it comes to remediating vulnerabilities or monitoring endpoints to defend against threats. With malware, human error, and zero-day exploits continuing to pose some of the biggest security threats, automation is necessary to ease the burden on IT.

Automating traditionally manual tasks for IT can help:

  • Boost reliability without human intervention. Maintain endpoint health with the highest completion rates for content transfer, continuous monitoring, and auto-remediation of configuration errors.
  • Increase your ability to monitor and maintain control over all content distribution throughout your organization. Stop, start, or reprioritize any content distribution based on your changing needs, or in response to critical threats.
  • Enable better completion rates (often to 100% success) than antiquated solutions that leave a portion of your network out of compliance at all times.

To take a closer look at the endpoint management and cybersecurity issues facing organizations today, download a copy of the 2022 Endpoint Security Report.

How Breaches Like Log4J Are Making IT Teams Rethink Their Lines of Defense


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