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June 26, 20231 min read

How to: Set Up Phased Deployments

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Using OneSite Patch, IT managers can easily segment their networks into multiple business units as part of their patch strategy. This provides them the ability to use phased deployments so organizations can optimize patch rollouts methodically to overcome challenges with geographic location, departmental requirements, device types, network disparities, and operating system versions to name a few.

By organizing these business units into a hierarchical structure, users gain precise control over the deployment process. Built on Adaptiva’s OneSite Platform, OneSite Patch allows the setup of deployment waves, enabling phased rollouts that accommodate specific requirements and constraints. Each deployment phase can include multiple notifications and approval settings. Time delays can be introduced to create testing windows, ensuring thorough evaluation before further deployments. Adaptiva's solution allows for exceptions, such as blackout periods, to comply with critical departmental deadlines or high-stakes periods such as tax season for accounting firms.

With the granular control of OneSite Patch, users gain real-time monitoring and streamlined management. Organizations can optimize deployments, minimize disruptions, and achieve successful patching across diverse networks.

Adaptiva's innovative solution simplifies the deployment process, ensuring efficient and effective patching. By enabling batch rollouts, Adaptiva minimizes user disruptions, allowing organizations to maintain productivity levels. The platform also facilitates comprehensive testing on a subset of machines at each deployment stage, guaranteeing a smooth rollout across the entire network.

Automating notifications and approvals eliminates manual inefficiencies, significantly reducing the time and effort spent on communication and waiting for responses. Adaptiva's real-time controls empower users to pause, revert, or step back to a previous version, enhancing flexibility and minimizing risks during deployments.

In practice, very few patches should be deployed in a blanket rollout. Having the capability to distribute in waves, or phases limits disruption and potential complications a new patch might have.

Learn more about Adaptiva's OneSite Patch.

In this video series, we will be sharing details about Adaptiva’s OneSite Patch in short, concise videos to explain capabilities and address common questions about our approach to application patching. Join us for this ongoing series to see how OneSite Patch can simplify how you identify, test, and deploy patches rapidly and at scale in your organization through intelligent automation.


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