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July 14, 20232 min read

How to: Prevent End User Disruption During the Patching Process

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Patching software is vital to maintain a secure and stable infrastructure. However, the process often impedes business operations. So minimizing downtime is imperative for maximum productivity. While security and productivity can seemingly be at odds, they don’t have to be. Let’s look into the technical aspects of how Adaptiva's OneSite Patch software effectively reduces user disruption and empowers users to patch at the optimal time while ensuring organizational security.

Optimizing Digital Employee Experience

User disruptions can have far-reaching consequences, including noncompliance and increased security risks. By minimizing interruptions to day-to-day operations, organizations can bolster their digital employee experience, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced frustration among end users.

Seamless Business Continuity

OneSite Patch recognizes the importance of business-specific tasks and deadlines. Whether it's adhering to compliance regulations, navigating tax periods, or accommodating critical business operations, patching should not impede these activities. By intelligently scheduling patches to avoid peak business hours and critical periods, organizations can maintain seamless business continuity without interrupting vital workflows.

Intelligent User Interaction Settings and Reboot Notifications

Adaptiva's OneSite Patch offers advanced features that minimize user disruption while providing granular control over the patching process. These capabilities include:

  • Contextual Pop-up Notifications: Users receive timely notifications that provide detailed information about upcoming patches, allowing them to make informed decisions. This empowers users to schedule patches during periods of low activity, avoiding disruptions during critical work hours.
  • Flexible Reboot Options: Users are granted the ability to defer reboots when immediate restarts are inconvenient. By providing this flexibility, OneSite Patch enables users to prioritize their ongoing tasks and minimize disruptions to their productivity.
  • Strategic Constraint Management: While user empowerment is paramount, Adaptiva ensures that critical security measures remain intact. In situations where immediate action is necessary, such as zero-day vulnerabilities, reboots can be enforced without user intervention, safeguarding the organization from potential risks.

Adaptiva's OneSite Patch significantly reduces user disruption during the patching process, optimizing productivity and ensuring business continuity. By leveraging intelligent user interaction settings and reboot notifications, organizations can empower users to make informed decisions regarding patch scheduling. This technical approach strikes a balance between user autonomy and maintaining stringent security measures, allowing organizations to achieve a harmonious blend of user satisfaction, uninterrupted operations, and robust infrastructure security.

Learn more about Adaptiva's OneSite Patch.

In this video series, we will be sharing details about Adaptiva’s OneSite Patch in short, concise videos to explain capabilities and address common questions about our approach to application patching. Join us for this ongoing series to see how OneSite Patch can simplify how you identify, test, and deploy patches rapidly and at scale in your organization through intelligent automation.


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