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May 7, 20246 min read

Bridging the Gap Between IT Operations and Security


How Automation and Visibility Enhances Accountability and Collaboration in Patch Management

In today’s environment where digital threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day, the necessity for keeping our systems secured with the latest patches and updates has never been more critical. However, the traditional separation between IT operations and security teams has often led to inefficiencies and delays in addressing vulnerabilities. This divide has seen Security focusing on identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, while IT Operations handle the deployment of the necessary patches and updates. This separation of duties often results in a 'tug of war' over patching priorities and timelines, hampering the overall security posture of organizations. 

The Challenge of Siloed Teams 

Traditionally, IT Operations and IT Security have operated as distinct entities with different skill sets, tooling, and priorities. This arrangement can lead to significant challenges in rapidly addressing vulnerabilities. Security teams might identify and prioritize patches, but operational teams, juggling various tasks, may delay deployment due to competing priorities or the complexity of coordination. This disconnect not only slows down the remediation process but also exposes organizations to unnecessary risks. 

Bridging the Gap: The Role of Software and Automation 

Recognizing the pitfalls of this siloed approach, organizations are increasingly turning to technology to bridge the gap between these two critical functions. The ideal solution does not lie in forcing these distinct teams into a single operational unit - a strategy that has rarely been successful due to the inherent differences in focus and expertise. Instead, leveraging software to connect the two departments and using automation for vulnerability remediation has emerged as the preferred strategy. 

CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight and Adaptiva OneSite Patch 

A shining example of this innovative approach is the integration between CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight and Adaptiva OneSite Patch. CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight excels in vulnerability detection, categorizing updates into four severity levels with its 'ExPRT Ratings.' This system enables organizations to prioritize patches based on real-world exploit data effectively. However, detection is only half the battle. The integration with Adaptiva OneSite Patch closes the loop by automating the remediation process based on these identifications. 

This powerful combination allows for an almost hands-off approach to vulnerability management. Once a new threat is detected by Falcon Spotlight, OneSite Patch automatically springs into action, applying the appropriate remediation autonomously. Administrators can fine-tune this process with configurations for notifications, approvals, test deployments, and more, ensuring that the patch management process aligns with organizational policies and risk tolerance. 

Enhancing Accountability and Collaboration Through Automation 

This integrated approach to vulnerability management not only accelerates the remediation process but also enhances accountability and collaboration across teams. By automating the deployment of patches based on predefined severity levels and configurations, IT Operations and Security can ensure a consistent and timely response to vulnerabilities. Additionally, the ability to delegate approval responsibilities enables a collaborative environment where stakeholders from different teams can contribute to the security posture without hindering the automation process.

Real-Time Visibility and Control 

Beyond automation, this approach provides unmatched visibility and control over the patch management process. Adaptiva's platform offers real-time insights into patch compliance, status, and activity, allowing administrators to monitor deployments in real time. This visibility ensures that any gaps in compliance are quickly identified and addressed. Administrators retain full control over the process, with the ability to pause, abort, reschedule, or roll back patches as needed, ensuring that operational disruptions are minimized.

The integration of automation and visibility tools like CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight and Adaptiva OneSite Patch represents a significant leap forward in bridging the gap between IT Operations and Security. By streamlining the vulnerability management process, organizations can enhance their security posture, reduce exposure to risks, and foster a collaborative environment that promotes accountability and efficiency. In the face of evolving cyber threats, embracing such innovations in patch management is not just beneficial; it's imperative for securing the digital landscape.


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