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April 13, 20223 min read

85% of Organizations Expect a Compromising Attack in the Next Year, Adaptiva Research Reveals

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New research from Adaptiva and Cybersecurity Insiders reveals a stark cybersecurity reality – security threats are increasing rapidly while confidence in protection measures is decreasing rapidly.

KIRKLAND, Wash., April 13, 2022 – Adaptiva, in partnership with Cybersecurity Insiders, today released The 2022 Endpoint Security Report that reveals 85% of organizations expect a compromising security attack within the next 12-months amidst an increasing threat landscape that is colliding with a severe lack of confidence organizations have in fending off attacks or even responding to incidents.

IT teams are trying desperately to get ahead of the risks, but despite the promises of automation from many vendors the average IT team still spends 36 hours every month on endpoint monitoring alone. The threats keep coming and the resources continue to dwindle or are insufficient for the problem at hand. 66% of organizations have experienced increased threats to their endpoints in the last year, while 44% face a cybersecurity skills shortage, and more than one-third lack round-the-clock security coverage (38%).

Managing endpoints to remove vulnerabilities along with maintaining compliance and patch systems represents the best line of defense to help organizations keep attacks at bay. However, 79% of critical patches continue to take more than a day to roll out, while one-third take longer than a week. Shockingly, 29% of organizations say their biggest challenge is no visibility into their overall security posture at all, despite many vendors promising real-time endpoint visibility. And when attacks do get through, 37% say their incident response times are insufficient while 28% reported they lack detection and response capabilities all-together.

End-user productivity was reported as the most significant impact of endpoint attacks by 47% of organizations, meaning the burden of these increasing threats is largely shouldered by employees. This was followed by system downtime (40%) and loss of IT productivity (39%). 35% of organizations have seen reduced employee productivity in the last year due to security incidents, while 32% had a disruption in business activity.

“It’s not easy being in IT right now, especially if you’re responsible for protecting and securing the organization from outside threats as it seems solutions and tools have not kept up with reality and continue to apply old techniques to new challenges,” commented Kristian Kalsing, Adaptiva’s Chief Product Officer. “With the results of this research, it shows organizations need to rethink their lines of defense as last-generation solutions are fundamentally not working and as paradigms shift in the market, technology paradigms must quickly follow. At Adaptiva we strongly feel that real-time detection, remediation, and delivery of software updates will be necessary to confront the threats of the future.”

To combat this reality, organizations need to get a better hold on the endpoints being used to run the business and not just gain true real-time visibility over them but be able to deliver critical content immediately to fix endpoint vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and patch systems to avoid incidents in the future. To ensure compliance and security, a next-gen endpoint management solution should:

  • Turn your IT staff into endpoint remediation experts by automating manual configuration checks and remediations ensuring compliance and security
  • Provide real-time visibility no matter a devices location and control to start, stop, pause and reprioritize deployment of software, configurations, remediations, patches, and more.
  • Deliver critical content to any device, at any time of day, without impacting network or device performance.
  • Give you no-code authoring capabilities to create your own automation so IT can multiply its efforts.

The report is based on the results of a comprehensive online survey of 345 cybersecurity professionals to gain more insight into the latest trends, key challenges, and solutions for endpoint security. The respondents range from technical executives to managers and IT security practitioners, representing a balanced cross-section of organizations of varying sizes across multiple industries. The survey was conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders.

Visit Adaptiva’s website to read the full report and learn more about its next-gen endpoint management solutions.

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Adaptiva provides serverless endpoint management that eliminates the need for a vast IT infrastructure and monitors itself by automating traditionally manual tasks. Leveraging innovative peer-to-peer protocols, the Adaptiva Edge Platform is powered by the surplus capacity of existing devices already on the network – in the office or working from home. This enables IT to continuously deliver software, configurations and patches to endpoints no matter where they are. The world’s largest enterprise organizations and government agencies rely on Adaptiva for real-time endpoint visibility and content delivery, as well as automated compliance checks, remediations, and patching without ever throttling the network or the end user experience. Learn how at


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