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March 30, 20235 min read

Adaptiva Revolutionizes Patch Management with the General Availability of OneSite Patch

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OneSite Patch is set to revolutionize patch management for organizations struggling to keep up with the number of applications that require regular updates, as revealed in The State of Patch Management in the Digital Workplace report.

KIRKLAND, Wash., March 30, 2023 – Adaptiva today announced the general availability of its much-anticipated OneSite Patch solution to revolutionize how enterprise organizations patch Windows devices. In tandem with the new product, Adaptiva also released The State of Patch Management in the Digital Workplace report, which demonstrates how patching paralysis is diminishing organizations’ security posture, and why OneSite Patch is crucial for today’s cybersecurity challenges.

According to the report by Adaptiva and the Ponemon Institute, organizations are struggling to keep up with the constant release of patches for the thousands of applications they use. The report reveals that the average organization manages at least 2,900 applications across all devices, but more than half of these applications are not up-to-date and are therefore non-compliant. This means that for the average enterprise, thousands of applications could be vulnerable to known security threats and even if 90% of applications are patched, it would still leave hundreds out-of-date.

OneSite Patch is a game-changing solution for patching applications on Windows devices. It eliminates the need for manual intervention and pseudo-automation techniques, providing truly automated patch management at enterprise scale. With OneSite Patch, IT admins can focus on strategic planning and modeling desired state across any environment, including complex and low-bandwidth networks. This cutting-edge solution ensures that patching happens seamlessly and efficiently, without the need for human assistance.

"We couldn't be more excited for the world to experience our revolutionary product that represents a monumental shift in patching. Our OneSite Patch combines the administrator's strategic intent with refined models of enterprise business units and deployment processes, resulting in a seamless stream of patch metadata to your endpoints. This allows patching to happen automatically, based on the administrator's intent and objective measures of risk and exposure," exclaimed Deepak Kumar, CEO and Founder of Adaptiva. "Since our public preview launch in October of last year, we've received an overwhelming response from our customers who have witnessed the power and promise of our intent schema. Finally, our customers can sit back and relax while our product takes care of patching all of their endpoints and applications, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process."

The report is based on a survey of 663 IT and IT security practitioners in the US and highlights why OneSite Patch's industry-defining capabilities are so important. These results and capabilities include:

  • Set and Forget Patching Strategies: An average of 60% of tracked applications are not on approved versions, while 69% of IT teams believe 100% third-party application patching is impossible. With OneSite Patch, patching strategies can be customized at granular levels to automate the entire patching process for any Windows device. Admins only have to create a patching strategy once and use it as many times as needed, without having to think about it again. These strategies will run automatically so systems stay completely patched at all times.
  • Real-time Visibility and Absolute Control: Only 31% of respondents know how many distinct applications are installed on their endpoints, and 54% of respondents say detecting vulnerabilities is the hardest part of the patching process. Adaptiva’s reporting and monitoring dashboards show real-time application inventory, vulnerability risk and exposure, as well as live progress of patch status and deployment progress. This allows admins to prioritize patches and pause, restart, rewind, or even fast forward any deployment to achieve consistent and reliable patching results and meet stringent SLAs.
  • Limitless Patch Distribution: 54% of survey respondents say the number of applications they manage increased in the past two years, meaning patch volume will continue to grow. Adaptiva's incomparable patch distribution, powered by The Adaptiva OneSite Platform, ensures patches are delivered to devices in any location, and on any network connection, more reliably and efficiently than any other method. There is no limit to the number of patches that can be distributed, meaning IT can keep devices patched better than ever before.
  • Reliable Ring Deployments: 44% of respondents say patch deployments are scheduled ad hoc. With OneSite Patch, IT can set patching strategies to deploy via a ring deployment process that can be customized on a schedule for any application and set of devices. Admins can choose a small group of devices to test the patch before deploying it to a larger group of devices. If any issues arise during the testing phase, those can be quickly fixed before deploying the patch to all devices. This helps improve efficiency, minimize broken systems, and ensure that critical devices are patched first, and end-user interruptions are minimized.
  • Continuous Third-Party Metadata: 48% of organizations say it can take at least two weeks, often more, for a patch to be deployed across an organization. Metadata for all of organizations' third-party Windows applications will continuously stream from the Adaptiva CDN so that the moment a patch is available OneSite Patch will deploy it automatically to the devices that need it before a human even finds out a new patch has been released.
  • Modernize Endpoint Management: Only an average of 31% of application patches are distributed using automation. OneSite Patch has adaptability to work in tandem with any unified endpoint management platform to substantially modernize endpoint management strategy. OneSite Patch significantly improves the performance of tools like Microsoft Intune , VMware Workspace One, and others by ensuring patches are automatically distributed to every device, regardless of location or network connection.

Adaptiva’s current customers are encouraged to contact their reps for introductory pricing opportunities for OneSite Patch. For more information about the new product and the State of Patch Management in the Digital Workplace report, visit

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Adaptiva’s endpoint management applications fill capability gaps of leading unified endpoint management platforms for Windows. OneSite Patch intelligently automates the entire software patching process from identification to enterprise-wide deployment for first and third-party Windows applications. OneSite Health's automated health checks and remediations maintain compliance and health of Windows devices in enterprise environments. OneSite Anywhere instantly distributes software and content to any Windows device in any location with a single server. Learn more about how Adaptiva’s applications ensure your Windows devices remain healthy, productive and secure at


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