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February 24, 20202 min read

Adaptiva Introduces Endpoint Health With 111 Health Checks for Clients and Servers

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SAN FRANCISCO and SEATTLE — Feb. 24, 2020 — Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise customers, today announced Endpoint Health, its automated endpoint health and remediation solution for clients and servers. The comprehensive Endpoint Health product runs 111 health checks enterprise-wide within minutes. This includes several new health checks devoted to patching, security and Windows 10 maintenance. These latest checks were created based on customer requests for an even wider range of specific, automated activities that can maximize service availability while reducing the inflow of support tickets.

Endpoint Health will debut at RSA Conference 2020 in San Francisco, Feb. 24-28. Adaptiva can be found in the South Expo, Booth 1267, of the Moscone Center during show hours.

Release of the additional health checks comes as Endpoint Health (previously Client Health) has proven to be remarkably efficient at keeping endpoints persistently up to date. This translated to a significant reduction in the overall number of help desk tickets generated. In fact, one customer recently reported that Endpoint Health’s ability to automatically remediate health issues would save a projected $4.9 million over three years in reduced help desk tickets and manual remediation.

In addition to reduced help desk tickets and lower costs, adoption of Endpoint Health has accelerated because of Adaptiva’s one-of-a-kind Orchestration Engine. This powerful tool enables drag-and-drop workflow creation, which can be compiled into byte code and executed anywhere on the network. As such, admins can create, execute and manage customer workflows visually without writing a single line of code. The Orchestration Engine’s capabilities have been particularly useful to Endpoint Health customers that run their own custom or legacy applications and therefore have not been able to take advantage of prebuilt solutions.

“Adaptiva found that our users typically already have the logic needed in their heads for custom health checks, but they don’t know how to express that logic because they are not programmers,” said Deepak Kumar, Adaptiva founder and CEO. “We built the Orchestration Engine to solve this problem and to help them to create their own custom checks with minimal effort in a matter of minutes.”

Orchestration Engine makes it even easier for Adaptiva’s Endpoint Health product to keep clients and endpoints perpetually up to date, no matter the environment. Because Endpoint Health has consistently addressed some of the most complex issues IT teams face in maintaining clients and servers, customers requested even more health checks. Adaptiva developed the new Windows 10-specific checks to focus primarily on its security features. Endpoint Health now searches for minimum hardware requirements (less than 4GB RAM) and replaces and upgrades the endpoints as needed. It also works with the Windows 10 Accelerator Program to ensure all is working properly as customers attempt to complete Windows 10 migration.

Additionally, Adaptiva introduced a number of software update checks for Endpoint Health, including checking that the client has the latest catalog version, identifying machines that are missing specific security patches, finding software update scan errors, ensuring group policy settings are configured correctly, and ensuring system uptime during reboots. With these latest additions, Endpoint Health runs 111 health checks on endpoints and automatically remediates failures.

“With our enhanced, fully automated Endpoint Health product, Adaptiva again shows that it values the priorities of its customers,” said Kumar. “Endpoint Health addresses key challenges and enables IT teams to accomplish more than ever before because their networks are operating securely and efficiently.”


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