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April 25, 20244 min read

Adaptiva Expands OneSite Patch Library Catalog to Include Drivers, BIOS, and Firmware


Autonomous patching solution automates driver updates and patches, blending enhanced security with operational efficiency and addressing a critical gap in endpoint management technology

KIRKLAND, Wash. — April 25, 2024Adaptiva, the autonomous endpoint management company, today unveiled key updates to OneSite Patch designed to streamline and secure the updating process for device drivers across enterprise networks. Building on its established dominance in autonomous endpoint management, Adaptiva’s new offering tackles the complex and often risk-laden task of keeping drivers up to date, ensuring enhanced system performance and bolstered security.

“These OneSite Patch updates mark a milestone in our quest to simplify endpoint management for drivers,” said Aviral Sangal, Director for Application Metadata Engineering and Automation at Adaptiva. “By automating a traditionally cumbersome process and expanding our patch library from ~800 to more than 1,600 over the last six months, we’re enhancing IT efficiency and strengthening the security fabric of our clients’ digital environments.”

Driver updates often require system reboots and can render devices temporarily inoperable—a process fraught with risk and difficulty when done manually. Recognizing the critical nature of timely and efficient driver updates, Adaptiva’s solution automates various tasks, mirroring the simplicity and reliability of software patching. 

Key updates of OneSite Patch include:

  • Saving Time and Reducing Errors: Adaptiva’s automated driver, BIOS, and firmware patching solution empower IT administrators by integrating seamlessly with their existing patch deployment processes. The solution uses comprehensive vendor catalogs from industry leaders such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo to ensure that all devices remain up to date with minimal manual oversight. This approach saves and reduces the potential for human error and system vulnerabilities.
  • Expanding the Patch Library: Adaptiva has expanded the OneSite Patch library in response to customer feedback. Now including over 1,600+ apps and key system parts, the solution provides easy updates, scheduled rollouts, and automated checks. These capabilities ensure smooth operation and secure endpoint management with less manual work.
  • Customer-Driven Innovation: This solution was partly inspired by customer feedback, which highlighted a market need for more efficient driver management tools. Early interest from leading financial institutions underscores its potential to impact operational efficiency and security postures within large organizations.

By building on the advanced capabilities of OneSite Patch, admins can now patch and update drivers with the same speed and precision as third-party apps. Admins can deliver an improved user experience by using dynamic maintenance windows, phased deployments, automated testing, and notifications to prevent issues prevalent with driver updates.

Available now, OneSite Patch is set to transform how organizations approach driver updates. Its comprehensive approach ensures the process remains as intuitive as deploying any software patch while improving patching speed. Additionally, it provides extra layers of control and flexibility for IT administrators and end-users alike. This solution offers a path to reduced vulnerabilities and improved system performance. 

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