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June 8, 20163 min read

Achieving the Impossible in Bandwidth Management: Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting

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predictive bandwidth harvesting

Throughout history, people have often said certain things were impossible, including:

  • Sailing around the world (because it’s flat!)
  • The four-minute mile
  • Breaking the sound barrier
  • Space flight

While all of those things happened, some people still refuse to believe them. For example, the Flat Earth Society still says the earth is flat.

At Adaptiva we run into our own naysayers. These people say that the bandwidth management capabilities we have in our Adaptiva OneSite Anywhere Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting are impossible! They simply can’t envision a world where bandwidth throttling isn’t needed when using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). This blog aims to clear up those misconceptions about Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting.

What is the Need for Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting?

Over a decade ago, the Adaptiva team saw the limitations inherent in TCP-based technologies for managing content delivery on a corporate WAN. Adaptiva engineers had extremely deep experience with Windows networking and with SMS 2003, the forerunner of SCCM. They recognized that the session-oriented TCP approach to delivering software and content over the network wasn’t working. The protocol was inherently bandwidth-hungry, unaware of other applications, and slow to respond to changing network conditions.

Tcp Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting

They watched as large enterprises were forced to throttle SCCM traffic down to just a fraction of the bandwidth available to protect the WAN when using the TCP-based technologies for content delivery.

throttle SCCM traffic down when using tcp

How does Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting Solve the Problem?

The development team was determined that there must be a way to automate the bandwidth management process to speed software distribution without impacting critical business traffic on the network. They innovated a profound, new way to help companies deliver content safely and more rapidly than was ever thought possible.

Adaptiva created an advanced UDP-based protocol that sends each packet one at a time for total precision and control. We integrated predictive technology that reads the lengths of queues on WAN routers end to end and analyzes the amount of “WAN onramp traffic” in real time. Then it transmits individual UDP packets in the unused bandwidth, one at a time when the network is free. By predicting when bandwidth will be available and then using it intelligently, OneSite Anywhere can harvest all unused bandwidth to speed content delivery. The result is that OneSite Anywhere is now the fastest way to distribute software across an enterprise today.

OneSite Anywhere

unused bandwidth harvest to speed content delivery with onesite Anywhere.

Best of all, there is no throttling needed because OneSite Anywhere never creates congestion!

Why Do People Say It’s Impossible?

We have no idea why anybody would say this is impossible! We’re confused by it frankly. OneSite Anywhere is delivering software quickly, safely, and reliably on millions of computers in Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies every day. Our customers don’t wonder if Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting is possible. They just use it.

“OneSite changes the way we think about content delivery. We can now distribute extremely large payloads on the WAN in the middle of a weekday with absolutely no worry about hammering the network or upsetting our network team.”

Rob Cann, SCCM & Packaging Team Leader, Babcock

It Gets Even Better

Because OneSite Anywhere has its own packet-based network protocol, we are able to solve a number of other content delivery problems. NetBoost lets administrators guarantee responsiveness by setting a threshold for acceptable latency in milliseconds. This capability is only possible with a packet-level driver. You don’t have to throttle traffic with OneSite Anywhere to retain responsiveness. Responsiveness is built in!

Often there are several downloads occurring at once on a corporate WAN. OneSite Anywhere’s Flow Equalizer levels out multiple downloads into a single network flow. It effectively “time slices,” giving each download the WAN for a brief time in a round-robin fashion. This allows Adaptiva to cleanly manage all the downloads in a single, controlled flow. Non-Adaptiva technologies will spike the network because all those downloads go out over the WAN at the same time and compete with each other. Just one more reason only OneSite Anywhere can truly claim “No Throttling.”

As you can see, OneSite Anywhere’s Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting is not only possible, it’s been used and trusted for years by some of the world’s largest companies. To learn more about OneSite Anywhere and how it can safely speed your content delivery, read our OneSite Anywhere Datasheet or to see it for yourself by requesting a OneSite Anywhere demo today.


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