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May 23, 20223 min read

So Long Servers: 5 Reasons Why P2P Endpoint Management Is Here to Stay

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Content delivery and endpoint management need to keep pace with the future of work; a peer-to-peer platform will help do just that.

Across industries, business has changed. Each employee, customer, and nearly everyone in between has embraced flexibility across workstreams and devices, which translates to complicated demands on IT departments. With an increasingly mobile workforce, the legacy on-premise model of endpoint management is no longer a sustainable way to meet the needs of the modern enterprise organization.

Key article takeaways:

  • Work is no longer centralized, so why are organizations' servers?
  • Why endpoint management must keep pace with digital transformation efforts
  • Benefits of leveraging a peer-to-peer edge platform for endpoint management 

Is IT able to adapt to changing work trends?

Not too long ago, IT depended on several known (and somewhat controllable) variables, namely people working within controlled devices, networks, and locations. These rigid parameters made it easier to accomplish organization-wide actions like pushing out patches and updates or keeping tabs on endpoint security.

But these days? Employees log in from various devices, some provided by the company, sometimes via their own personal laptops, phones, or tablets. Work is no longer solely completed in a centralized location but often anywhere with a decent enough Wi-Fi connection.

Last-gen endpoint management systems — which are costly to maintain and take up considerable physical space — are not flexible or agile enough to match the new (work) world order. IT needs a solution for content delivery, endpoint security, and network monitoring that can keep pace with the digital transformation of business today and to scale with it as well.


Endpoint Security Report Title Page"85% of organizations expect a compromising security attack within the next 12 months."

- Cybersecurity Insiders 2022 Endpoint Security Report


Leveraging the agility of the cloud

Unlike antiquated endpoint management server models, where the central infrastructure is physically rooted in a specific place, serverless peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture leverages the agility of the cloud and your edge. Curious about the difference between last-gen, client-side servers and P2P endpoint management at the edge? Check out The ABCs of P2P eBook here.

Below are five reasons why a P2P solution powered by your edge is better for endpoint management than its landlocked predecessor.

  • Serverless is more dynamic. Where old systems are limited to location and capacity, P2P enables dynamic bandwidth usage, flexible configurations, and workload capacity sensing.
  • P2P networks are more resilient. Instead of emphasizing one potentially finicky server, P2P allows the seamless distribution of content delivery across all machines on the network, reducing transfer failure and boosting compliance.
  • Automation frees IT resources. By utilizing automation defined in the network topology, IT can focus on cybersecurity to keep the enterprise safe from data breaches or other endpoint security threats.
  • On top of automation-boosted endpoint security, leveraging a P2P edge platform enables the workforce to stay online, even if one endpoint goes down. The most expensive consequence of a successful endpoint attack — IT and end-user productivity loss. Read more about it in Cybersecurity Insiders’ 2022 Endpoint Security Report.
  • Scaling is easier. Unlike old, manually installed endpoint management solutions, a growing enterprise with a P2P network can easily add endpoints as needed and requires zero hardware to scale.
How Breaches Like Log4J Are Making IT Teams Rethink Their Lines of Defense


Don't wait for the next cybersecurity attack. Join Adaptiva's Solutions Architect, Alphaeus Mote, and Product Marketing Director, Matt Mayhew for the webinar, "How Breaches Like Log4J Are Making IT Teams Rethink Their Lines of Defense".


Endpoint management can be powered by the edge of your network

Today’s workforce is more flexible than ever before and IT needs endpoint management solutions that can keep up. In the white paper Endpoint Management Powered by Your Edge we dive into how shifting from outdated, on-prem server setups to P2P-supported architecture can support digital transformation across the business of enterprise organizations.

Download the white paper: Endpoint Management Powered by Your Edge for a deeper understanding of how a peer-to-peer solution enables better endpoint management. 

You can step into the future of endpoint management with Adaptiva’s P2P network solutions.

About Adaptiva's Endpoint Health

Adaptiva’s Endpoint Health automates discovery and remediation of endpoint configuration issues to maintain unprecedented rates of compliance and end-user uptime and satisfaction across your network. Leveraging the Adaptiva Edge platform IT can continuously deliver software, configurations, and patches to endpoints no matter their location whether on the corporate LAN, VPN, or over the public internet. The world’s largest enterprise organizations and government agencies rely on Adaptiva for best-in-class real-time endpoint visibility and content delivery, as well as automated compliance checks, remediations, and patching without ever throttling the network or the end user experience.


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