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On-Demand Webinar

From Reactive to Proactive: 5 Steps to Autonomously Patch Vulnerabilities


Paul Longmate, Sr. Sales Engineer, CrowdStrike

Andy McDonald, Director, Solutions & Support, Adaptiva

Chaz Spahn, Product Evangelist, Adaptiva

CrowdStrike Adaptiva Lockup

90% of successful attacks start at the endpoint.

JupiterOneState of the Cyber Assets Report 2023

Discover how OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike empowers organizations to proactively remediate endpoint vulnerabilities.

Siloed processes often lead to delays in patching and a lack of threat visibility that expose organizations to cyberattacks. With Adaptiva and CrowdStrike, organizations can automatically discover their most critical vulnerabilities and fix them fast.

With 26,447 known vulnerabilities cataloged in 2023 and 25% of high-risk vulnerabilities exploited on the day of publication, it's clear that the severity and pace of exploitation is only increasing. It's time to make the shift from reactive to proactive. As adversaries continue to target organizations at a rapid pace, the combination of CrowdStrike’s Falcon Exposure Management and Adaptiva’s OneSite Patch gives IT and security teams the ability to eliminate threats across endpoints at scale.


During this On-Demand Webinar You'll Learn How To:

1. Proactively Discover & Assess Vulnerabilities and Patches

2. Model Vulnerability Remediation & Patching Strategies

3. Automate Patch Deployments

4. Monitor Employee Experience and Ensure Controls

5. Analyze and Report on Patching Results and Vulnerability Compliance


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Get a sneak peek of OneSite Patch for CrowdStrike.

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