TNT Case Study

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TNT is one of the world's largest express delivery companies, operating road and air transportation networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. TNT had revenues of €6.9 billion in 2015.


TNT was unable to effectively deliver software, updates, applications, and other content to its 42,000 endpoints comprised of 3,000 servers and 39,000 Windows systems. The number of systems under management was growing rapidly. The massive server infrastructure was expensive and time consuming to maintain.

Even with all those servers in place, managing WAN traffic presented a dilemma. Administrators either throttled delivery to a fraction of available bandwidth and got content out far too slowly, or they overwhelmed the WAN with systems traffic, impacting business operations.

TNT consistently saw a large number of failed deployments, making it difficult to deliver software and updates in an acceptable timeframe. The vast infrastructure made troubleshooting a very tedious effort. Poor reporting exacerbated the problem-failed deployments sometimes were reported as successful.

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1000s of Endpoints to Manage

42,000 and growing

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WAN Traffic Dilemma

WAN Traffic Dilemma Deliver too slow or overwhelm the network

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Costly Server Infrastructure

Expensive and time-consuming to maintain

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Unreliable Delivery

Applications left undelivered and systems insecure

We selected OneSite as the best product out there.

-John Creighton


Global express delivery


€6.9 billion in 2015


Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Our rollout of Configuration Manager 2012 is taking a fraction of the time than it would have using a traditional architecture.

-John Creighton
Head of Infrastructure Run Services, TNT


Working together with Microsoft, HPE, and Computacenter, TNT selected Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 with the Adaptiva OneSite™ content distribution engine. OneSite solved TNT's challenges by speeding software delivery without the need for additional servers.

OneSite met or exceeded every requirement, including:

  • Speed WAN delivery with no throttling / scheduling
  • Deployment of updates to all endpoints instantly (no waiting)
  • Improved content delivery success rates
  • Reduced administrator burden / hours
  • Fast Windows 7/8 operating system deployment (OSD)

OneSite's DeployEase feature slashed the Configuration Manager deployment timeframe, allowing TNT to get up and running much more quickly and with less effort.

Solution Components

Microsoft Configuration Manager 2012 with no remote servers

Adaptiva OneSite for enterprise P2P architecture


By deploying Configuration Manager with OneSite, TNT was able to eliminate 430 servers worldwide, as well as the cost of maintenance. This resulted in direct savings of over £1 million, including the OneSite licenses and other costs of the chosen solution.

The indirect returns on their investment are manyfold, but several stand out. TNT was able to deploy the Configuration Manager in a fraction of the time it would have taken without OneSite. The ongoing administrative burden is much lighter due to OneSite's many automation features. Finally, by having a reliable endpoint management capability that delivers content rapidly with no impact to the WAN, the business runs faster and better.

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servers eliminated

Over £1 Million

in direct savings


software delivery

Adaptiva is a great company to work with. They are extremely responsive, and very invested in our success with the product."

-John Creighton

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