The fastest way to securely distribute content across an enterprise

IT professionals face increasing demands to roll out and configure new content and software packages, strengthen endpoint security, and manage more systems in more locations across the enterprise — all while doing it faster.

The Adaptiva OneSite content distribution engine securely speeds enterprise-wide software deployments with its breakthrough peer-to-peer technology. Now you can reliably distribute any software at unparalleled speed and massive scale without the need for costly server investments, bandwidth throttling, or time-consuming manual efforts.

New: Adaptiva OneSite Cloud

Total visibility and control over all endpoints, regardless of where they are.

Introducing OneSite Cloud, the newer version of OneSite specifically created for the era of remote work.

Securely manage all your endpoints at unprecedented speed and scale whether they are on premise, connected remotely over VPN, or on the internet without a VPN connection. Use OneSite Cloud to advance the power of Microsoft ConfigMgr, Microsoft Intune, and VMWare Workspace ONE and smooth migrations to modern device management and cloud enablement.

OneSite Cloud includes the functionality of OneSite for Configuration Manager, OneSite VMware Edition, and OneSite Intune Edition.

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  • Enterprise class P2P helps organizations manage endpoints at unprecedented speed and scale with fewer servers and without impacting end users

  • OneSite’s bandwidth harvesting technology

    OneSite’s bandwidth harvesting technology proactively predicts the best times in milliseconds to send content and never create congestion

  • reduce bandwidth

    Dramatically reduce bandwidth usage by only downloading content once over the WAN and storing up to 90%+ of content library locally in a Virtual SAN

  • View, pause, resume, reprioritize and cancel content transfers for an office in real-time

    View, pause, resume, reprioritize and cancel content transfers for an office in real-time with OneSite’s interactive traffic control dashboard

Ensure endpoints stay updated and secure at all times

Manage endpoints at unprecedented speed and scale

The ability to distribute content reliably and securely to all endpoints across the enterprise is critical for IT teams. OneSite advances the power of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) so enterprises can accelerate software deployments and deliver content to endpoints at unprecedented speed and scale without throttling, even over slow/poor connections.

Eliminate costly infrastructure

OneSite uses intelligence, not infrastructure, to store content and eliminate the 1000s of servers typically needed to distribute software across an enterprise using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager —without impacting end users. OneSite’s Virtual SAN technology reduces bandwidth impacts and frequent content downloads over the WAN by storing content locally, while Peer-to-peer PXE intelligently speeds operating system deployments by enabling any computer running the OneSite client to act as a PXE server.

Gain complete control and visibility

OneSite automates many time-consuming activities that would otherwise require manual operations and gives IT admins complete control over the content distribution process: View all ConfigMgr content globally, control WAN transfers in real time, view/pause/resume/reprioritize and cancel content transfers for an office in real-time, automatically detect new content and deliver it to specified locations, and customize simple and complex operations through an easy to use Workflow Designer.

Ensure software distribution stays secure

Ensure secure software distribution with Encryption Everywhere, under the cover of advanced security protocols which together exceed FIPS 140-2 recommendations, including support for Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and the NSA Suite B set of cryptographic algorithms. If security is a concern for some applications, you can use the Adaptiva client to encrypt sensitive data such as company software license keys and know it’s secure.


Memory Pipeline Architecure

Memory Pipeline Architecture provides quick, fault-tolerant, and reliable content delivery that is resilient to clients going offline, maximizing software delivery success rates. Memory Pipeline Architecture moves data between peers in RAM, so it’s lightning fast, scales easily to thousands of endpoints, and never drops a byte if a peer goes offline.


Virtual SAN

Virtual SAN provides automated, intelligent content caching that eliminates the need for software distribution points such as expensive connected cache servers. Virtual SAN is self-forming and automatically caches content in unused space on peer computers using “zero footprint caching” and provides every endpoint access to content.


Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting

Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting predicts network congestion down to the millisecond and automatically harvests unused bandwidth to adjusts content delivery speed to utilize 100% of available bandwidth without impacting business traffic. Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting eliminates the need for bandwidth throttling.



LiveFlow provides complete and real time visibility and full control of content transfers in real-time, down to the individual office and machine. See where content is available, in transit, and still needed. Pause, resume, reprioritize, or cancel any transfer at any time.



PXE typically requires a lot of servers and can be complex to configure. Adaptiva solves this problem with peer-to-peer PXE (P2P PXE), which greatly simplifies Windows deployments. You don’t even need PXE servers. You just check a box and PXE is available worldwide, instantly.


Flow Equalizer

Flow Equalizer cleanly manage all the downloads in a single, controlled flow, which never spikes or impacts the network, and safely delivers content at maximum speed with no throttling.

Checkpoint Restart

OneSite adapts to network constraints and latency and provides the Checkpoint Restart capability to automatically restart content delivery where it left off as machines enter and leave the network.


IntelliStage eliminates manual specification of target machines: self-selects the most highly available machines for delivery, optionally creating and maintaining multiple copies of content for business continuity.

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