Total visibility and control over all endpoints, no matter where they are

With so many employees now working remotely, many enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation efforts. One of the barriers to that transformation is the ability to deliver content to endpoints quickly, securely and without creating network issues.

OneSite Cloud helps solve this challenge. OneSite Cloud combines the world’s most advanced software distribution engine with a new, revolutionary architecture to seamlessly extend the boundaries of the enterprise network to cover the entire internet, allowing you to exert total visibility and control over all endpoints, regardless of where they are.

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  • The world’s most advanced software distribution engine, used by leading global Fortune 500 organizations

  • Cloud integration makes content available to endpoints as long as they are connected to the internet

  • Internet P2P for sharing content directly across the internet securely and reliably

  • A brand new Web UI with a complete set of powerful built-in dashboards that update in real time

Content Delivery

Securely manage endpoints at unprecedented speed and scale regardless of where they are

The ability to distribute content reliably and securely to all endpoints, including those not connected to the corporate network, is key to enabling a remote workforce and easing the pressure on your corporate network. OneSite Cloud delivers content to endpoints at unprecedented speed and scale regardless of where they are, ensures they stay updated and secure at all times, and helps your network stay highly available for mission-critical applications.

Enhance the productivity of administrators and end users

OneSite Cloud provides IT Administrators with state-of-the-art visibility, control and automation tools, including a brand new Web UI that helps securely and reliably deploy content to endpoints in record time, and adapts to network traffic in real time to prioritize business traffic and prevent network congestion.

Reduce downloads and infrastructure costs

OneSite Cloud needs to download content just once, and then uses intelligence, not additional infrastructure, to store and distribute that content, thus eliminating the need for 1,000s of servers typically used to distribute software across a large enterprise. The Adaptiva Content Delivery Network built into the OneSite Cloud license eliminates the need to store content in Azure, dramatically reducing costs.

Accelerate digital transformation

OneSite Cloud helps you transition from traditional on premises infrastructure to the Cloud and modern device management at your own speed to make your enterprise more agile and resilient. Breakthrough technologies in OneSite Cloud support multiple system management platforms such as Microsoft ConfigMgr, Microsoft Intune, and VMWare Workspace ONE, and help guarantee endpoints stay secure and updated even if your corporate network goes down.

Learn more about OneSite Intune Edition and OneSite VMWare Edition.

How OneSite Cloud Enables Content Delivery Anywhere

OneSite Cloud combines cloud integration, internet P2P, and the world’s best content distribution engine to guarantee endpoints are always updated and secure, regardless of where they are

Support for leading endpoint  management platforms

If you’re using Microsoft ConfigMgr and considering moving to Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace ONE, OneSite Cloud has you covered. OneSite Cloud includes the functionality of OneSite for Configuration Manager, OneSite VMware Edition, and OneSite Intune Edition. When you buy OneSite Cloud can use the same Adaptiva server and client for any combination of these platforms, smoothing migrations to modern device management and cloud enablement.

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