Cloud-enabled, Accelerated Digital Transformation

Enterprises are increasingly moving to the cloud and modern device management, especially in the COVID-19 world we now live in. One of the biggest barriers to digital transformation for large enterprises is content delivery. Endpoints are increasingly mobile, and endpoint management and delivering content – patches, updates, etc. – across a globally distributed network without disrupting business processes remains difficult.

OneSite Cloud solves these challenges, enabling IT admins to manage endpoints regardless of where they are, and guarantees content gets to the endpoint, ensuring endpoints are updated and secure.

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Group   Accelerating Digital Transformation

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Migrate from ConfigMgr to Intune or VMware Workspace ONE at your own speed, or only migrate some of your endpoints – it’s your choice. OneSite Cloud customers also get access to OneSite for ConfigMgr, OneSite Intune Edition, and OneSite VMware Edition, so you can use them in any combination you prefer. OneSite Cloud is the only solution that can facilitate a single software distribution client to be used for ConfigMgr and Intune/WS1 simultaneously. This capability has multiple benefits, including the elimination of DPs or Connected Cache servers and the ability of the customer to migrate at their own speed while supporting ConfigMgr and their preferred MDM solution concurrently.

06_organization_chart   Reduced Traffic Over Corporate VPN

Reduced Traffic Over Corporate VPN

As a large part of the world’s workforce has moved to working from home, an enormous strain has been added to enterprise VPN infrastructures. OneSite Cloud alleviates this strain by offloading endpoint content updates such as software and patching, enabling endpoints to get content directly from Azure CDN or from other endpoints, regardless of whether they are on the same network or not.

Smart Scaling Peer-to-peer Technology     Internet P2P

Internet P2P

OneSite Cloud adds Internet P2P capabilities to extend endpoint management and software delivery to endpoints no matter where they are. No longer do endpoints need to be on the corporate network; remote workforces will be managed just like onsite staff. Endpoints can share content with each other over the Internet, reducing the load on the corporate WAN and VPN infrastructure.

02_product_release   Guaranteed Content Delivery

Guaranteed Content Delivery

OneSite Cloud utilizes unique technologies to guarantee content delivery to endpoints, regardless of link quality. OneSite Cloud adapts to network constraints and latency and provides the Checkpoint Restart capability to automatically restart content delivery where it left off as machines enter and leave the network. OneSite’s Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting predicts when congestion is going to occur, and therefore is able to utilize 100% of available bandwidth without impacting business traffic.

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