Automate Vulnerability Management

Large enterprises have too many endpoints to manage and too little time to secure them. As a result, security vulnerabilities can often go days, weeks, and even months before they are repaired. In today’s threat landscape, weeks between discovery and assessment just won’t work.

Evolve VM™ brings a new, rapid approach to endpoint vulnerability management that assesses each endpoint for vulnerabilities in parallel, enabling network-wide assessments to complete in minutes, rather than the hours or days required for network-based scanners. Evolve VM includes thousands of endpoint vulnerability checks that can be run on-demand or on a scheduled basis from the Evolve VM administrator console.


Endpoint Compliance and Vulnerability Checks

Identify common security holes instantly

Evolve VM is equipped with thousands of pre-packaged endpoint vulnerability checks that can be run on-demand or on a scheduled basis from the Evolve VM administrator console. These checks are based on the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD).

vulnerability checks

Real-time Remediation Actions

Drive continuous endpoint compliance and security at scale

Evolve VM offers real-time remediation actions that can automatically run at scale to fix security issues in seconds. Since Evolve VM is built on the Adaptiva platform, it can run assessments and remediations in parallel across the entire organization at once.

Adaptiva Smart Scaling Peer-to-peer Technology

Visual Workflow Designer & Engine

Create your own custom checks and remdediations without coding

The Evolve VM Visual Workflow Designer and Engine offers the ability to create custom compliance and security checks and remediation actions in seconds without writing a single a line of code. Evolve VM administrators can use the Workflow Designer and Adaptiva’s built-in API Foundry to easily integrate with other third-party products for deeper customization

Visual Workflow Designer & Engine

Interactive Dashboard System

Gain instant insights on endpoint health and security success

Evolve VM Interactive Dashboard System provides a live view of vulnerabilities and the risk level across an organization. Choose from dozens of interactive dashboards to get real-time information on which checks and remediation actions were run, their current status, success, failure, and repair rates, and trends over time.

Interactive Dashboard System

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