client-health Client Health

Automate Endpoint Security

Today’s IT operations professionals have too many endpoints to manage and too little time to secure them. Client Health is an endpoint health and security engine that uses peer-to- peer technology to manage and secure endpoint configurations at scale. It automatically checks an endpoint’s health, diagnoses any problems, and fixes issues…instantly.

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Smart Scaling Peer-to-peer Technology   Smart-scaling P2P Technology

Drive continuous endpoint compliance and configuration management at scale

Pre-packaged Health Checks   Pre-packaged Health Checks

Close common security holes instantly

workflow-designer   Workflow Designer & Engine

Create your own custom health checks without coding

Visual Reporting Engine   Visual Reporting Engine

Gain instant insights on endpoint health and security success


Client Health is the only endpoint security product which can drive endpoint compliance and configurations at scale even in the most demanding environments, empower IT to create health checks instantly without writing a single line of code, and increase endpoint management efficiency with intelligent, self-managing automation.

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