OneSite CMT

Move from Altiris to Configuration Manager Faster and Easier

IT professionals worldwide are moving to the market-leading Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to distribute software and updates to endpoints throughout the enterprise.

For companies using Altiris™ (Symantec Endpoint Management), the migration to Configuration Manager can take many months. The move can place an enormous workload on system administrators, and burden the corporate WAN with massive transfers to hundreds of offices while pre-staging software and updates.

To make the move from Altiris to Configuration Manager fast and easy, Adaptiva has created the new OneSite Configuration Manager Tool (CMT). An Altiris migration that would have taken months can be done in days with the OneSite CMT.

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Adaptiva Automates Your Transition

The OneSite CMT accelerates and simplifies the required steps so organizations can make a smooth transition into their systems management future. It automates all key aspects of the Configuration Manager migration including application conversion, cache migration, SCCM client installation, and Altiris client removal.


  1. Install Adaptiva OneSite on a single Configuration Manager server
  2. Deploy the OneSite client to all Altiris package servers and endpoints
  3. Server-side Content Migration

  4. OneSite will read the Altiris database and convert all software releases automatically into Configuration Manager applications
  5. Package Server Content Migration

  6. OneSite will migrate all remote cached content on Altiris package servers into each facility’s OneSite Virtual SAN
  7. Client-cached Content Migration

  8. Convert the Altiris client cached content to Configuration Manager content
  9. Altiris to ConfigMgr

  10. Install SCCM client estate-wide
  11. Uninstall Altiris client in stages
  12. Decommision or repurpose Altiris servers
  13. Migration Complete!

Migrate with No Downtime

The OneSite CMT allows for parallel operations in parts of your organization. This ensures that your organization continues to run at full speed while you upgrade your systems management solution.

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Do it Your Way with Total Customization

Companies can easily customize the Altiris to Configuration Manager automation to accommodate their unique processes.

Though the OneSite CMT is a complete solution that can be run out of the box without any changes, the entire solution is built using a visual WorkFlow Designer and Engine. It enables you to easily customize any or all aspects of the solution or add new processes—all without coding.

Altiris to ConfigMgr migration workflow